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18650 (lg mj1) vs. 20700 (ncr20700b)


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All raw data was acquired from http://www.dampfakkus.de/akkutest.php?id=608 (LG MJ1) and http://www.dampfakkus.de/akkutest.php?id=658 (NCR20700B). Data for 2,3 and 5 A was taken from the table and interpolated, for 10 and 20A roughly estimated from the chart.

For the "normal" load ranges (2,3,5A) they could give a range boost of about 1/3! For the higher currents they will not only give an incredible range boost but make it really "survivable" for the battery packs.

Should be an interesting new development for heavier riders and mountainclimbers to support the higher amps needed! Or just enhance greatly the lifetime, since the battery current is normaly not taken continously from the battery but pulsed... (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7549-current-demand-versus-battery-voltage/?do=findComment&comment=104078)

Also the 1p pack unicycles are not so "off" with this new cells by now - especially with the NCR20700A which can deliver even more amps than the B!

Unfortionately a very short googling showed me that the prices for the NCR20700B is almost the double of the LG MJ1 (if at all available ) ... this will hopefully "regulate itself" in the near future.





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