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KingSong -- Toyota. For people who need to ride to get somewhere but don't especially enjoy riding. That's why it has speakers.

Inmotion -- Acura/Honda. Sleek, reliable, consistent, and soon to be over-priced. Comes with cupholders as stock. See SoloWheel.

Gotway -- Older Chevy sport cars. You know, the high performance ones that break and have WTF design elements. The favored wheel of hospital patients everywhere.

Rockwheel -- Fiat, turbo-charged, with a warranty. Comes with a large bag of fuses. Up to you to get the wheel to the dealer.

Segway/Ninebot -- Buick. For old people. Fired twice, dropped once, then bought a Gotway <-- 100% of owners.

SoloWheel -- Mercedes-Benz with a 16 ounce fuel tank. See Inmotion.

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