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Connecting to Gotway App on IOS (msuper)


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Hi Guys,

I am just trying to connect to the app for the first time.  I have run into a couple gliches.  First, I know it is better to use the older android app but for a variety of reasons, even though, I have access to an Android phone I cannot use that right now.  So I downloaded the Gotway app from itunes and when I launch it asks me to register using the motor code.

I tried the serial number on the manual but it does not like that.  Also, when I turn on the wheel and look for it under my bluetooth settings, the wheel does not appear.  What am I missing here guys?


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The motor code is NOT the serial number from the packaging/manual/sticker next to the board. The motor code is a separate code, on the rim of the motor/tire, should be on the right side (same as the valve). Motor code is 2 letters and 9 numbers, like GW 123456789. Enter ONLY the 9 numbers as the motor code for the app. Then it should work.

My ACM does not show as Bluetooth pairing device either, that's normal. The apps will still find the wheels. You could try one of the great third party ones, like Darknessbot.

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