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Hello Guys :)

I own a xiaomi mini since 03.2016 and I absolutly love it.

I become so passionated to it that I have decided to buy 2Mini Pro; Elite and Inmotion V8 (V8 not received yet).

The current version of firmwire on the both new mini Pro is 1.2.2 and im thinking about updating to 1.4.0 as my old xiaomi mini run on it already.

I will cover some milage before updating as I want to compare both of firewire.

I will talk about the ninebot elite when I get use riding. Deffinatly it is next level of fun when I try it for the first time. Its faaast :) But it made me thinking... 16KM/h on the Elite seems to be faster than 16KM/h on the mini? hmmm

I will update this post soon when I will find some time to do so as now its time to go out and play with new toys ?



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2 hours ago, RooMiniPro said:

Nice collection! I wonder if a knee control bar would make the Elite more fun and portable.

One thing to be careful of is your TV - it's about to fall off the wall :lol:

buhahah the TV is perfectly fine. It has custom made hanger to it can rotate 360 degree and I can even seat on the bracket ?

Anyway talking about elite. I have both bars but didnt try the knee one yet. I have seen mainly people with cameras operating the knee bar. Its definetly a good control bar as the elite is well balanced.

Only one thing at the moment... to put an air on the Elite - omg what a stupid idea to install the air input inside the rim and cover it? wtf... need to take of the whole wheel grrr

Another thing... I stupidly upgreade the soft and gues what.... its same crapy behaviour as the mini has when tilting backwards before top speed is reached...grrr

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On ‎06‎.‎05‎.‎2017 at 10:46 PM, RooMiniPro said:

Tiltback happens on all self balancing vehicles. There is no way around it.

True, but earlier versions of firmware on Elite is not that aggressive as the latest. Once Ninebot stepped over the Segway and began to sell in USA, they become the usual overprotective whimp (not without the reasons though...)

@Wojciech Plocharski Congratulations! That's the spirit ;)

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The day 1 i purches the xiaomi ninebot i have fallen in love with ninebots to be honnest. now the idea is to rent them out, thats why i got 3minis and the elite. Im waiting for Inmotion V8 as well but it should arrive at the end of the week.

I just wounder who rent them out to share some details of renting busines with me?

Anyway is there a possibility to bring back an older software to the elite from 1.5.0 to 1.4.0 as it was before? or same thing as with mini - impossible to do so from the latest software?

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