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Good morning ,

I bought a collection of 6 commercials wheels( just wheels ) ,my first attemps was with a 14 inch ips + 30b4,  everything works as a charm but i need a serious advice because i can't manage to find the solution.

Here s my problem :

My ips 16 inch have 63 coils and 56 magnets i try to connect to gotway mcm4 hs pcb , the wheel turn fast during 1 second  after it's going max 15 km/h and the motherboard cut .

Going forward and backward are ok with the same problem .

I try to invert yellow green blue without any success maybe this kind of wheel need another 12 moffset pcb i supposed hall sensor are ok but not 100 % sure.

Sorry for my english 

Bonjour , 

Je cherche de l'aide concernant un montage d'une roue 16 pouces ips possédant 63 bobines et 56 aimants , je ne sais pas sur quoi elle était montée car achetée en lot .

Mon problème est le suivant :

Quand je branche la roue sur une carte gotway mcm4 hs la roue se lance puis démarre rapidement durant 1 seconde et la vitesse ralentie et l'ectronique coupe à environ 15 km/h .

J'arrive à la faire aller en avant et arrière avec le même défaut , de plus la vitesse est mal régulée .

J'ai fais les test avec une microworks 30b4 et résultat idem peut être que cette roue était montée avec une carte 12 moffset .

Merci pour votre aide je tourne en roue ( moi ...)

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The boards aren't interchangeable for the most part. The FOC control algorithm requires exact data for motor resistance, inductance and flux linkage. Just changing the windings would be enough to prevent most EUC controllers from working.

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Salut / Bonjour!  Comment ca va?  That's the extent of my French classes during high school.

If you browse over the firmware thread there's a lot going on between the motor and the control boards making them not so interchangeable unless two manufacturers happen to use the same specific motor.  Hopefully someday they will incorporate some sort of calibration routine to automatically program the motor's specifications (if possible) into the firmware for use or have a digital ID in the motor that can be read by the controller sort of like how USB devices are identifiable.  Like lizardmech mentioned, I think most firmware is matched and tweaked to their specific motors.  Swapping board with motors would take some firmware reprogramming in most cases.

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Thanx for your both replies and congratulation for your french HUNKA HUNKA.

As i suspect it firmware is crucial.

My level doesn't allow me to do the firmware correction but perhaps experiment people from my closest fablab can help me.

I know microworks  30b4 is open source firmware so maybe there is something to do with it .

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide  

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I believe @arnold may be confused after reading maybe my messages and the github wiki, were I refer a lot to OpenSource and also to MicroWorks 30B4 boards. Anyway, I really believe I am close to write my own OpenSource firmware for MicroWorks 30B4 boards - at least there are parts of the board that I documented like the simplified schematic, Bluetooth, the MicroWorks motor, the OpenSource Android app, the OpenSource 3D printed shell... well, there is a lot done already for MicroWorks board and motor :-) :-)


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