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MCM 3 parts

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2 hours ago, Wade said:

Anyone know where I can purchase a new BMS?

why do you say the BMS is bad? Can you post a picture of what you need?

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Ok you can replace this BMS by a no name one (generic one) but it's needs to solder new tabs (that is not very difficult)


I have done it 2 times (with Gotway 340Wh battery) and it's works perfectly. (I have replaced a NINEBOT BMS too, see below)

The first step is to remove the board (I advise you to cut the small tabs as they are desalted, in order to avoid a short circuit)

Second step is to separate both half battery pack, I have made a video for that :

Third step is to solder new tabs at right place and after that, you can put each half pack on the new BMS.

And to finish, a last video :


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