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airwheel banned / recalled


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The recall only impacts those sold from March 1, 2016 through December 11, 2016 so it appears to be a limited production run that is affected.  Other Airwheels are apparently not recalled.  However, notice that the recall doesn't specify which models.  Resellers in Australia have been selling all the Airwheel products, not just the X3 and X8. 

Airwheels Australia website is gone even though they are still running Google Adwords.  To add to the sketchiness, consumers are asked to return their wheels to a residential address in Sydney. The only other info given is an email address.  I wonder how many people will take this seriously.

According to news reporting, EUCs have been technically banned on roads in Australia because they don't qualify as vehicles, and possibly on walkways simply for lack of an official ruling.  A few articles  (1)   (2)  appeared online about this in 2015.  Apparently nobody cared enough to change the rules to either ban them outright or set up rules for legal use, so they are just another product trapped in a legal gray area, as in so many other jurisdictions.

Australia is too big for a 9 MPH wheel anyway.

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I have not found much in the way of official EUC sales in Australia. I bought my Gotway MCM V3 from urbanlabs.com.au in Sydney. I notice now that the model and others on the page are "sold out". There is an official (seemingly) Ninebot reseller in Perth. The wheels there are expensive.

Other than that I have struggled to find a reputable reseller where I can buy a wheel and parts if need be. I will probably want to upgrade at some point. I really enjoy my MCM V3, but it is so brutal on my legs and ankles, with its square edges and at 260w/h it is OK, but not stellar in its range.

Problem is in this country of over-regulation and banning of anything remotely left field, I don't hold much hope of seeing such dealers evolve here.

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