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  1. Nope and I don't think I'm as skilled as you. I've been riding 2.5 years. Can't go backwards or do 180s, etc. Riding is like walking to me now though. I bounce over bumps etc no problems. I mainly ride on the road at speed. Super stable. I'd love to try a 16 inch to compare though. Nobody around here has wheels unfortunately.
  2. Is the law that the wheel must only be capable of 20, or must be configured for max 20? If the latter you can set many wheels to tilt back at variable speeds. I have my MCM5 set to 32km/h. It works a treat and loves hills. Max unrestricted is about 45.
  3. I was in your exact situation late last year. I chose the MCM 5. I am 6'1. I ride at 30km/h on straight roads. It's solid. The wheel doesn't get a speed wobble. I have taken it higher, but I don't want to risk the pain of a face plant at 45. The wheel will cruise at 40 (25 mph), but it will drag the battery down quite quickly. No issue on a short commute though.
  4. I have an MCM5 and I really enjoy it. I did a 24km ride today. I've never ridden a 16" wheel and now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't Lol.
  5. Even easier. Use a holesaw on the blank side to pass a lock through. When mine has a bit of "patina" I'll do it. 🤘
  6. Sad and funny Boubalou. I have been taking my old MCM3 on the boat nearly every time I go out as it is great to get around the local holiday island. I load up and go out onto the floating jetty on my wheel. I have done this for 2 years without losing it, but it is always on my mind that one day. glug glug glug.
  7. Thanks @Smoother . I recalibrated with it vertical yesterday and it does seem less inclined to flop about. I do like tilt back though and I was having a lot of trouble getting that to work properly. I had set it up to 33km/h and it was still tilting at around 24km/h. I have resolved that now and I think the issue is that Wheellog does not adjust it. The setting is there and the wheel beeps when you change the speed, but it does not do anything. The trick is to use the Gotway app to do all the setup and then exit and go back to Wheellog. It is sweet now and I did a 25km ride today with 55% battery remaining indicated at the end. My average speed was 20km/h and my peak speed was 31.6km/h. Very happy with this wheel now it is dialed in and I have had a chance to get accustomed to it. The slim design is a winner as I have said before, but the power! That translates to a rock solid feeling up hill and down dale. It just does not move (on hard setting). It is a terrific wheel.
  8. OK. Thanks smoother. I have been playing with minor amounts of lean back in the calibration, etc, but I have never realised that the sensor had any lateral (left and right) effect at all. I must say that I have not bothered with this and the wheel would have been leaning slightly. I have been lying on the ground and even put a spirit level across the foot pegs, but all the while it is leaning against a wall. I am glad I still have the box. The bottom packing will probably hold it nicely.
  9. Yes that is not a problem. At slow speed doing a U turn on the pavement is easy, but that is at speeds where you are twisting the wheel. I am talking about "slalom" turns, where you are carrying speed and leaning into the turns. I was watching Ian at SpeedyFeet go ripping around a roundabout on a M10 and a Z10 (comparing the two) and I would be loathe to carry that speed and lean on a 14" wheel. The wheel feels good in the turn until the pedal touches. Needless to say this does NOT feel good. I just need to stay in the envelope of the small wheel. WRT the mode, I will test hard mode. I accidentally put it into medium and didn't notice it until after my ride. I would have started in hard mode had I noticed it. One other thing I did not mention, not to do with the riding is something @Boubalou mentioned also. That is, I wish the carry handle went right through. At least a reasonable hole on the other side of the shell to get a lock through. When I take my wheel to our local holiday island, I like to lock it up at the bike racks. I can't do it with the MCM5. I am not sure how I will tackle that. The trolley handle is not strong enough. If I was braver, I would consider banging a holesaw through the other side, but then it would not be pretty any more.
  10. I just put up my impressions on another thread In all positive. Early days yet.
  11. My first impressions. I did a short 11km (7 mile) ride last night before dinner. At this point, I am still figuring out the wheel dynamics, but it does feel markedly different to my old MCM3. The old wheel had no real features. It only beeped at the 3 set points, which I had disabled on all but the mandatory last one. The beeper had gone very quiet and it was a bit disconcerting to ride as you barely heard the final warning. I went on pavement and road. Over a few overpasses that cross a freeway near my home. These are quite steep and spiral at each end. I noticed the wheel is constantly changing its pedal attitude which feels strange. It seems to dip forward at really low speed (tilt back is set at 27km/h). It also seems to try to compensate for hills, so when I go down the spiral ramp on the overpass, it starts to lean forward where on the old wheel it would always be level with the horizon, thus leaning back in relation to the road. This is disconcerting. I'm guessing that the microprocessor is evaluating the angle of the wheel against the positive drive going downhill and trying to compensate. This was noticeable on the flat also. It was quite windy last night (around 15-20 knots). When I rode downwind, it was tilted forward more than up wind. This seems to confirm my thought that the wheel is evaluating load to try to dynamically keep the wheel level with the road surface based on effort. It could be my imagination, but the slow rocking forward and backward is definitely real. All this was on medium setting. On the tiltback. This seems a bit variable. I kept moving it up higher as it intervened to a point (27km/h, or 17mph) where I thought this is enough for riding with just a helmet and wrist guards. It definitely doesn't kick in too soon, but the amount it comes on seems to change. I suspect it comes in slowly, so short bursts don't send it back quickly, so if you go over by a couple of km/h, it just comes back a little, but winds on a bit further if you don't back off until it just gets too uncomfortable to keep going that speed. If this is the case, it is doing a good job. It is giving some leeway without scaring the daylights out of you and it is very easy to get speed blind, so you think you are going half of what you really are doing. The foot pedals are nice and big and now my feet hurt in a totally different place. They just get tired now where they used to ache from hanging over the edge of the pedals. Big tick there. The grips are really strong, but I am used to being able to shuffle around and this takes more practice. I have to lift off now and even with the higher wheel, I can't do this easily as it hurts like hell when to try to stand on one foot. I love the profile. Having feet and legs completely clear of the device makes it comfortable and weaving feels just like snow skiing (although I do tend to lean it quite hard and catch the pedals). I don't know how you do it @Marty Backe, because it is the lean that creates the turn radius. Maybe I am just trying to push it too hard. I do love pushing through the twisties on my motorcycle (Yamaha MT/FZ 09), so maybe I just expect more than is reasonable. The medium setting on this wheel is far firmer than Madden mode on the old one. Braking is awesome. I am loathe to push it too hard as I have had too many crashes overleaning the MCM3, but it is very firm. The casing comes down very low to the ground. I went diagonally up an angled kerb onto a driveway that I would go up and down every day on the MCM3 and the case took a real hit on the front left edge. I will have to remember to go front on to these in future. The best part though was that after 13km in total against strong wind and up and down hills, the battery is still at 80%. My MCM3 would be ready to charge now. In the absence of being able to test ride a 16" wheel, which was what I set out to buy (and would still love to try), I think choosing the MCM5 was a good decision. Thanks Marty (and others). You are an ambassador for the brand.
  12. Thanks got it. It wasn't obvious as I have the new Huawei with the new EMUI interface (which I love) swipes left or right go back, so you need to do a gentler swipe from the left to bring in a menu. Does everything except calibrate as you said and it allowed me to set the battery voltage too. Tonight after work, I will go for a proper ride and get some distance under my belt. It feels wonderful in the carpark compared to my oldie. So comfortable with those giant footpads and the thin profile. I set the tilt back to 24km/h and I didn't really notice anything up to 28km/h, so not sure if it is that subtle and I am missing it, or whether they only start to tilt back after sustained running at the speed they are set to. I will know more after I go further than the 50m length of my office carpark. One thing I did notice though and I think might simply be attributed to it only being a 14" wheel, hence pedals are quite low, is I was scraping the pedals in tighter turns. I think I am trying to turn too fast, but the wheel is so stable under a turn it just wants to lean in. Gave me a bit of a fright as the aluminium grabs on the asphalt.
  13. Thanks Marty. I already had Wheel Log, so I now have both apps, to both log and the Gotway app to do adjustments. I noted though that Wheel log does not read the true battery voltage. I suspect they interpret percentage to an assumed 62V system as my battery is showing as 64.8v fully charged. When I was cruising the pages I saw the result of your crash. I have been there and I feel your pain. I hope you are all better now. I was only a novice with a few hours and I thought I could just go for a quick blat without my wrist guards. I tore my hand open, down to the tendons and had 23 stitches. The nurse berated me and told me I was very lucky not to have nerve damage. 2 and a half years later, I still wear those wrist guards.
  14. Right guys, my MCM5 turned up today. Tyre pumped up, battery charged. Went for a quick blast in the carpark. Super smooth and quiet. It really does feel much bigger than my MCM3. I have my first problem though. I downloaded the app from the rather pathetic web site and installed it (Android, but it won't run. Flashes up then disappears). I have a Huawei Mat 20 Pro which is on Android 9 (Pie). Anyone else have this issue and anyone notice if it is a compatibility issue with V9? I can't setup my wheel at the moment. I will have to get one of my older phones going just to do this. Not ideal. EDIT: Tried on my wife's Xperia ZX Compact, Anroid 8 and same problem. App just crashes at startup. Grr! EDIT2: Found the Gotway page on Facebook. The app is in Playstore by Lukas (not Gotway). I wasn't sure it was kosha until I saw it on their page. App works well and no need to login to their social page to use it.
  15. Well I gave up waiting in December and went away for a few days. Got back to work today and straight down to the postoffice. Picked it up, charged it and pumped up the tyre. I have ridden about 400m up and down the carpark. First impression is how smooth and stable it feels. I can't believe there could be so much difference between 2 14" wheels with the same tyre. I have never ridden a 16, or 18 (the Tesla was going to be my next wheel), so I can't say that it feels like anything else. The foot pedals are the biggest improvement over the MCM3. You actually get to put your foot flat onto them instead of hanging over the side with the commensurate pain ensuing. I got caught out though by the grips. I can't just slide my feet now. Have to basically place them right first time. Very grippy. I am hoping I can ride one legged with the new shell as the old one was impossible. It dug into your calf on the top edge and the pain was unbearable. I am now waiting for the apk file to download from the pathetically slow kebye website so I can set it up properly. You'd think by now that Gotway would have a decent website and an app in the store. It would certainly help the brand. I'll come back with another report when I get some kms on it, but it sure is a good start.
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