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  1. Text me please Ben. I lost your number. I would like to try it of you don't mind because it's exactly what I am thinking of buying.
  2. South Perth Streets is great. Won't be here in the weekend, but I'll catch up tomorrow. Bringing the EUC.
  3. I'd love to join you guys, but in Yallingup. Next time. Have a good one.
  4. Makes sense as you use it to commute. I can't justify the cost. I might have to buy your old Gotway when you get the Sherman.
  5. When I sell the bike, I might buy an 18". I rode Mike's Sherman on Wednesday night. That really is massive. I keep up with all you guys anyway.
  6. What he said! Happy New Year and look forward to meeting you on a Wednesday night ride. I am feeling a bit inadequate on my MCM5 in the company of tanks. Haha. Mark
  7. Haha. I love the Gotway MCM5. Just a bit nervous knowing what happens when they die. FYI. Join the "Perth Electric Skateboardoarders - Western Australia" group on Facebook. They do Wednesday night rides. They are fun and Unicycles are welcome. They are a good bunch. I was riding with them for a couple of weeks and then I got a flat. Fixed that and then I had a failure. It is fun anyway and they nearly always leave from the Camfield, so not too far for you to travel to the starting point.
  8. I'll be unpopular here, but I may opt for a skateboard.
  9. I am just trying to buy a controller, but to be honest I am a bit hesitant now as the resultant crash when a board fails makes you realise you have no chance of recovery and it could result in a major injury when you face plant at speed. Luckily I had just slowed down when it died.
  10. Love to, but my wheels is cactus. Blew a board. Gotway is very difficult to communicate with.
  11. The board just died. There are no signs of any physical damage, heat, dry joints, etc. It is just dead. I am trying to get a new one.
  12. Yeah thanks. Mine is 84v. Contacted manufacturer. No reply.
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