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  1. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Well I'm back on a 14" wheel. Largely from what you guys said about the MCM5 riding like a 16", the toughness, and the ride, it seemed like it was the logical choice, so one is on its way.
  2. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Well trigger pulled. A MCM5 800Wh on its way. Thanks for all the great feedback guys.
  3. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Thanks for that. I was wondering. For the small price difference I'd go the 1020Wh.
  4. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Ha ha. Yes down to MCM5 or Tesla. I have both in my cart at Ali Express. Just have to decide which and pull the trigger.
  5. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Ha ha. Yes I saw that on your videos and while it makes you look dorky like an awkward teenager when your knees touch it looks like it would be super comfy to ride. 🤣. The obvious answer is get both, but that's not going to wash.
  6. That's pretty much the question. 😁 I have read Kingsong and Ninebot get firmware upgrades. My old MCM3 certainly never did.
  7. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    I have a an MCM5 and a Tesla in my cart. Can't pull the trigger. I do wish more people in Aus had these so I could see one. The MCM5 looks like it would be so comfortable with that narrow profile and sloping sides. The Tesla is such a bruiser, but I wonder if I would have to hang my feet outside the pedals like I do on my MCM3 to clear the sides. Eeny meeny miny moe. 🤔
  8. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Only a lot! I am leaning toward the MCM5 though with its sleek profile. It looks really comfortable and I like the sound of it being so tough. Thanks for the tips.
  9. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Yes the problem with the MCM 3 is finding the app that works. I think I may have finally dug it up on a web site so I will do a re-calibration. I am looking at the Tesla and as we all do (don't we), my budget is suddenly $1483 for the 850. Thinking the 850 might be the ideal weight / capacity compromise. The MCM5 is quite a bit more at $1770 for the 850. That sure helps with the decision making too.
  10. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Marty I watched your video series on learning backwards riding. You did this on an 18" wheel and you said how much easier it was to learn. I have a 14" MCM3. It is one uncomfortable wheel for reasons I stated above and also because it has the old style shell (like the generic you started your backwards video on) that causes your ankle bones and your shins to get very sore. I was thinking I should go up to the 16" Ttesla and now after reading your assessments (video series not withstanding), I am wondering if I should stay with the 14" and go to an MCM5. It is all very confusing. Can you take corners on the 14" with reasonable speed and without your foot dragging on the ground? I am struggling with backwards too and I thought the 16" might be better for that, but I don't want to buy a wheel for one purpose. I only get to have one, so I want it to be the best all-rounder.
  11. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    #Rafal. What about pedal dip? Have you encountered this in turns?
  12. chopsywa

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Please share with us those reports. I never heard of any Tesla failuer causing crash. It's just chatter I have read in comments on Youtube and around the place. In isolation, probably not much weight, but where there's smoke there is usually fire and Gotway seem to have a reputation for less reliable electronics. I am not putting the brand down. I have one.
  13. Hi EUCers I have had a Gotway MCM3 for 2 years. I have a lot of fun riding it and my dog thinks it's great. However I feel there are limitations and I need a new wheel. Limitations are. 1. 260Wh battery. I get about 10km out of it, but I would like more so I can ride it to work. 2. Small pedals = sore feet...quite quickly. 3. Very low pedals. Coupled with pedal dip on cornering leads to bingles and near bingles trying to carry any speed into a corner. 4. Limited power. It felt powerful once. Now I have 2 years experience I am finding it very easy to overlean in braking and I am hesitant to push it too hard on hills for fear of a cutout. 5. Lack of safety features. No tilt back, just a beeper (which is now very quiet) makes me a little disconcerted when riding. Links to point 4. 6. Battery is a little tired. Not too bad, but coupled with lack of safety features it has reduced my confidence in the wheel. Anyway, I have been looking for a good replacement. I am not going to be a wheel collector. I have a budget of around A$ 1000 so it won't be a big battery unit, but I would like 500WH at a minimum. I would like to have plenty of speed reserve so I can scoot along at 20-25km/h knowing there is plenty in the tank and on hills. I am 90kg. I am thinking of a 16" wheel and I have been thinking the following : 1. Gotway Tesla. Looks great, but I am concerned with the number of reports of failures causing crashes. I get that feeling about mine even though it has never failed on me. Also looks like the plastics are quite fragile. 2. Ninebot Z6. On special at Gearbest for A$1150 at the moment. Beautifully made, but Speedyfeet reckons it's not great at low speed and tramlines on bad roads/paths. Big wheel doesn't like to lean either. Heavy. 3. Inmotion V8. About A$1150 on AliExpress. This seems to be the front runner so far. It has a good handle too which I need as I like to walk with my wife with it alongside and then jump on the wheel and go for a hoon. 4. Kingsong 16s. I don't know much about these, but I remember the Fat Unicyclist waxing lyrical about them. They seem expensive. So at this stage it is looking like the V8, but I would love to hear others' opinions.
  14. chopsywa

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    I am in the same quandry. I have a 2 year old Gotway MCM3. The problems for me with the MCM3 are pedal dip in turns, lowness to the ground to start with and small pedals. Does the MCM5 improve on these. I have seen on some Youtube videos that the Tesla suffers pedal dip. I want to upgrade and I was thinking 16". I only use it for my own enjoyment and in Western Australia there is nowhere to test ride. I am following this thread with interest.
  15. chopsywa

    Perth, Australia Group

    Yes I remember them. I criticised his ludicrous prices back then and copped a mouthful. Maybe they have gone out of business. I think I might get a Gotway Tesla from Ali Express. That looks to give great bang for buck.