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Had another Big "off" today


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So, other than flooding the board with messages today I've been for an afternoon ride.  I haven't charged my ks14c 800w 340wh since 3 rides ago, so it was showing 8 (4 of 5 really) bars.  Rode for a while, nothing special.  Later, with 6 bars showing, I slowed to look at something.  Then I heard a skateboard behind me and remembered the kids I had just passed.  Not wanting to be near kids on wheels (very unpredictable) I accelerated away hard.  Next thing I know I get a violent tilt back, so violent, it literally threw me off backwards and shot off down the path about 10 feet ahead. I went down on my butt and wrists hard.  ATGATT in place so no damage, or so I thought.  I believe I asked for more surge amps than the batteries could deliver, because I wasn't going that fast.  Soon after I turned on the app and it showed 32%, and dipped down into the 20s and turned red, when ever I pushed it a bit.  Wheeled on another half hour or so and came home.  It was when I was removing my left wrist guard that I realised I had an injury. Where my wrist bone lines up with my little finger it is sore.  I can move it in all directions so I think I just bruised the joint.  It kinda matched my, still sore, ankle from 2 weeks back.

so a warning about power level indicators and huge power demands.  6 bars could be as low as 40%. And with only 340wh to draw on a huge power surge literally  knocked me on my butt.  Don't let this happen to you.

i might have to change my Avitar AGAIN, to something like this:


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