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Lhotz front/back LEDs setting not saved by app

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Has anyone with a newer Lhotz experienced the problem described below? In the description below, I am referring to the front/back LEDs, not the side LEDS. The side LEDs work normally. This is a newer Lhotz with the LEDs that shine white in the forwards direction and red in the back (vs. the older Lhotz with red only).

Below is a jpg to show which function in the app does not work for me.

When I touch the Lamp icon, the front and back LEDs on the Lhotz turn on. However, the setting is not saved. The Lhotz forgets the Lamp setting when turned off/on. Now each time I turn it on I have to go into the app to turn on the LEDs.

I reported this to Yueyue at IPS and asked her to check with a technical person there to find out why the Lamp setting is not saved in the Lhotz  She replied: " your circle it is not saved with the wheel turn on/off, This is no memory function. I am sorry but we will do better with our new products later."

Can anyone with the newer Lhotz (white forward / red rear LEDs which swap when the direction changes) confirm that you have to connect with the app to turn on the front/back LEDs every time the Lhotz is turned on? Do you agree with Yueyue that the "ON" setting cannot be saved?



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2 hours ago, Slaughthammer said:

Came to the same conclusion. Lamp status can not be saved.

Thank you for this confirmation, and for referring me to your earlier post. How did I miss that?

This inability to save the Lamp setting was unexpected because, as The Fat Unicyclist mentioned, the earlier version with the red-only LEDs can save the Lamp setting!

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