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KS16 Lift Cut-Off Speed


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Just out off curiosity i tested the lift cut-off speed of my KS16 840Wh wheel. It should have the quite new v1.3 motherboard as the new KS16C, but it was bought as an KS16B...

I made the first two tests with the actual charge of ~61V and then charged the wheel and repeated the tests. Measurements were recorded with 9BMetrics.

As it seems cut-off speed is not fixed/limited by firmware but depended on battery level. Once i get my KS16 to lower charges again (it starts getting quite cold around here at this time of year ;( ) i'll update this table.

Lift Cut-off Speed
v U Start U min
km/h V V
41,72 60,94 59,90
41,73 60,93 59,88
45,36 65,87 64,94
45,32 65,83 64,64



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