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Handle snapped !


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So, went to box up my Ninebot this morning as I've sold it, and the handle literally just sanpped off !

I know it's a fairly common issue, but I've found a company in the US that sell just the handle (rater than the blue bracket as well) for $30 - is it worth it, or do I just get the whole thing from Ian @ Speedyfeet & be done with it ?




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Well, that's bad timing!!!  Did that ruin your sale?

Does the replacement handle appear to be Original NineBot?  I'd be suspect of a Non-Original.  I've never seen where the blue part broke, so I would think the handle only is a safe purchase.

You can also buy the handles here.https://www.forwardca.com/collections/accessories/products/ninebot-one-replacement-handle

And Here:  http://www.ninebotus.com/accessories-ninebot-one/

But of course, Ian is a great resource.

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Yup.... :(

But its an excuse to buy a replacement pad & possible cover & make it look as good as new (& hopefully get my money back on the parts !)

Neither the site I found or yours list UK shipping, so I'll have to make contact (but that you - the first one is $5 cheaper !).

Ian will be convenient & faster, but his handles are twice the price of the US - decisions decisions !

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