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I allready have 2 Airwheels but i wanted more autonomy so i go to the next level :)

they say 50 Km for this model,532 Wh but i don't think he can go more than 40..

And in few days i will get 2 more balancing scooter




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I was plan to get one of these 2 wheeler but they mention is design mostly for indoor use, most of them has 6.7" wheels . is yours in pic 8 inches?
i do see one of those has 10 inch wheels and the tire can be pump air in it. might be can ride on rough surface better. Price is about US$300 in China.



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I think its 7.5"..but don't be fooled by the small tires..he can go with 12-15 km/h and its for outdoor..i can't wait to try it :)

About my big wheel..i think its more confortable my airwheels..but i can get only 10 km..and with this one 35-40 km autonomy is great.


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After great experience with Star I (but to short because was stolen) i buy the next generation of Star I ...Fatboy is already out :)

522 Wh of juice power...in Star I i was surprised to go 50 km how it was claimed by producer







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I know this thread is five years old, but maybe thee’s someone out there who can offer some advice please.

I purchased a Star1 from eBay (UK).

It had a puncture. Had to strip it down to remove the wheel. The PCB connections were all glued in. Ended up cutting the wires, which I shall rejoin later.

I would prefer the seat higher. But the post itself is only 22mm and an extension is hard to find.

I didn’t get proper instructions and I don’t know which iOS app is compatible...Anyone know?

Thanks so much!

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