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  1. Updated from 1.02 to 1.05 2 days ago (android ) no issues here, player mode wheel seems more firm and stable , a bit more comfortable. Set the tilt back on 35kph so far havent experience tilt yet.
  2. From the web site picture I thought the sliver color might look a bit tacky, but from your picture not bad! is the underneath the plastic still white? I found this : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N311P9D?tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-a0049-win81-other-nomod-us000-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-4 is almost same thing?
  3. Got my matte black ks16s 2 days ago. It has lg 840wh battery instead of Sanyo and firmware is 1.02.I assume thats newest one. Haven't ride that much yet because the weather, will report back . Question: I have ks14c charger. Can i use that to charge 16s too? From the lable they all have same spec. Thanks.
  4. JUN25/2017 Join us for a group e-ride on Sunday, June 25th, all NYC area e-rideables welcome!MEET11AM: Starbucks 125th Street - corner of 125th St & Malcolm X Blvd / Lenox Ave across from the 2-3 125th St Subway stationDESTINATIONBohemian Hall & Beer Gardenhttps://www.yelp.com/biz/bohemian-hall-and-beer-garden-astoriaROUTE https://goo.gl/maps/Fn5wNakF3nT2 • approx 15 miles, subject to change > start @ Starbucks 125th St > Randall Island Loop > RFK Bridge > LUNCH: Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (Astoria) > LIC > Roosevelt Island Loop > end @ NYC Roosevelt Island Tram stationQueens Islands Group e-Ride, Sun 06/25 https://www.facebook.com/events/314677438983767
  5. Tonight its on.. 6:30 Tavern on The Green67th St. Central Park West, New York, NY (map)
  6. Yep .. one of our group member got it. Nice built quality 800w 680wh speaker , lights all that. Come Join us next time check it out. Bring your gotway 18 too then.
  7. @SubwayRat You might need one week to learn, so by next Thursday you should be able to ride around. Im in Queens too, around Regopark/foresthill area. ive been riding around Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Forest Park and Rockway beach.
  8. Ha, didn't realize this Gotway is your 1st wheel, Don't worry by next week you will be cruise around!
  9. Anyone up for a causal ride tomorrow? Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, around 7pm I guess?
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