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KS18, how change tire?


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no, i do not havy any guide...

but i would try like with all KS wheels:

open the sides, until you found "motor cable"....

unplug motor cable,

after that, screw away all the screws that hold the pedals to the case..(on each side six big screws)

then the wheel will be free from the hull...you can pull it carefully out of the hull and lift the case up and have just to take care of the motor cable...


but: thats all guessing....from having seen Ks14 and 16 guides howto change tyre.....

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Hi Jesi:  I am a new owner of KS-18S.  I have manage to disassemble the unit to change tire / tube, and at the same time documented (MS Word file) with step by step instructions and photo.  Send me your e-mail to me dowu@dir.ca.gov , and I can sent the document to you.  I cannot attach the document here because the file size exceed the Forum file size limit 3.1 MB

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