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  1. Hi Everyone: My left arm was much better, and today Sat 5/02/2020 I open up the KS-18S to see if there was a simple reason for the power cutout. The fuse was blow quite badly. One of the fuse leg was blow totally away, probable due to a big electrical spike. The fuse receptacle of one leg was damaged as well. The fuse still remain with one leg in the fuse socket. See photo. I manage to adjust the receptacle to allow insertion of a replacement fuse. I added a tiny solder dip to insure a firm hold of the fuse. I send photo to eWheel. Hope there is an explanation why the huge electrical
  2. Thanks Darrell for mentioning that your KS-18s motor cutout was due to wire disconnection. I will have my final left arm surgery to remove the pins on Mon 4/20. Soon after that I will open it up and check on the wire, and report back. Side topic, Darrell was your friend riding KS-18S standing or seated when the cutoff happen? Once my left arm / wrist has regain all the motion, I do plan to ride the KS-18S for commute, and in standing position for continue safety, (a) Car drive can see me better, (b) Able to see a bit further out for road condition, and (c) Evasive jumping off the wh
  3. Thanks for the get well message. To answer a few of the questions asked: Any other protective equipment beside your helmet? After more than 2 years of commute riding experience, I stop wearing knee padding, and arm padding especially at low commute speed. While riding in standing position, I have encountered a bad wide crack in the road, and was able to jump off without injury. Now it makes senses that you cannot do evasive movement while seated on the EUC. What do you think caused the cutout, just random or was it due to sitting? Sitting is not the issue. I am 170 lb. I have
  4. My usual commute speed is around 10 MPH due to traffic lights on the street. The recovery is about 6 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your age and physical fitness. I am physically fit but I am pass age 60. Learning something new is always good. I have always thought that a seat EUC could be a great utility vehicle should you hurt your leg such as ski accident. So, a seated EUC can help you get around easily on slow speed just like a electric handicap chair.
  5. I am a rider of EUC since May 2017 and never with any injury. At first I was using Inmotion V8 (no seat), and now for the last 8 months I am riding KS-18S (with a seat). I have only been riding the KS-18S in standing position so that auto driver could see me better with the flashing red light on the helmet. Just recently, on a commute ride (3.5 miles one way), I decided to ride seated since I am less than half mile from home. The power just happen to cut out (with no prior warning of any electronic issue and battery at 90%), and I just crashed into the pavement so fast I was immediately in
  6. When my KS-18S power cut out so sudden, and I was riding in a seated position, I just cash into the pavement so sudden like any other face plant except there is not enough body to distribute the impact force, and my left arm was badly injured. I do not recommend ever riding seated for even normal speed. Here is my story: On a clear good weather day I was commuting home (3.5 miles one way) riding seated on KS-18S (only used 8 months never with an issue). My usual commuting speed is about 10 MPH or less. About half mile to home, the KS-18S power cut out (with no prior warning of any elec
  7. Currently, I am over 60, and ride KS-18S (which comes with a seat). In the last two months, I have been riding sitting down in preparation for the 2nd L.A. EUC Games Freestyle. The Immediate response that I get: - All the people give way thinking that I am some kind of handicap person. I don't have one of those handicap sign. Now if I were riding standing up especially near a pedestrian, they would not give way, instead they would give me some nasty look like I am a trouble maker kid. - There have been a number of senior citizens who is either on a wheel chair, and not on a wheel c
  8. Hi /Dev/Null: KS-18S is my 2nd EUC. Maneuvering while standing is easier than sitting. The trolley handle is not necessary. You can easily walk and move the EUC with your hand placed on the seat or handle without the seat. The KS-18S shell is very strong. I am 170 lb. and with backpack 20 lb. is very supportive of my total weight. There is no issue even going over big bump on the street. I participated in the L.A. EUC Games 2019 Freestyle performance using KS-18S. Experience EUC riders have commented that it was heavy, and not maneuverable, but not quite true. You can see my re-enacted
  9. Hello Flyboy 10: Many thanks for capturing my Freestyle performance (the 1st performer with umbrella). Posting to a web site like YouTube or Google Drive is OK with me as long I could download the entire video. Concerning your statement, "but my memory card was full after the 3 performance", thus being the first performer in this case appear to be an advantage You can send me the link to my e-mail dowu@dir.ca.gov.
  10. Thanks to Alien Rides and meepmeepmayer for capturing Dominic's freestyle performance, the 1st rider with umbrella performing Singin' in the Rain. By any chance you have captured the entire 2 minutes performance. If so, can you upload the video to some web site so that I can download it. This is very memorable, even after hitting an obstacle, and falling down near the end. Thanks, Dominic (forum name Roll_On).
  11. Anyone riding the KS-18S at night used the blinking white LED? It blinks so fast that it can be somewhat disorienting to see clearly. It remind me of auto timing light use for maintenance. The only option is on or off, and no adjustment for the blinking speed. Anyone has a fix?
  12. Update: I sent the KS-18S back to eWheel, and they found the issue. It was in the 3-wire bundle on the left side that attach to the wheel / motor. One of the 3 wire insulation was scrapped as the wire is either moved out of the unit, or move back into the unit in a tight small hole. On the right side is a single wire Hall sensor. In the disassembly as you try to move the wheel / motor out of the unit, you have to doubly check both side, and thread the wire both side very carefully, and all the while trying to manage the heavy weight 55 lb. of KS-18S There are some things office work
  13. Hi Jesi: I am a new owner of KS-18S. I have manage to disassemble the unit to change tire / tube, and at the same time documented (MS Word file) with step by step instructions and photo. Send me your e-mail to me dowu@dir.ca.gov , and I can sent the document to you. I cannot attach the document here because the file size exceed the Forum file size limit 3.1 MB
  14. In checking over everything like a cut wire, there was nothing. Then I saw the 3rd battery jack hidden in the corner of the add-on battery (my EUC has 1680Wh)!!! During the disassembly, I only saw two battery jacks and disconnected two jacks. On my 1st EUC Inmotion V8 there was one battery and one jack to disconnect. On this KS-18S there were two batteries, and disconnecting two jacks seems perfectly logical while the 3rd is hidden. Thus, there was probably still power in the main board. I did not do a final confirmation check by switching on the EUC!!! When removing the two wir
  15. Symptoms After Tube Change: Switch on power everything seems OK. EUC balance; Able to connect with iOS KS App; Lights working; Horn working. When you move the EUC by hand slowly, there is an immediately beeping sound, and warning at the Apple iOS App (“Motor Hall”), and lady speaking very quickly, hard to make out what she said. The EUC also does not move smoothly, jerking movement. I did not ride, just switch off the EUC. After checking all connections, still the same symptoms. I would greatly appreciate any assistance. What I Did: 1) Open up the unit (two side p
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