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Another tire install vid…Duf


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Dude throw that junk away. When I got my first run S-18 I tried 1/2 dozen tires, well probably 2/3rds a half dozen. I found this Pirelli Angel tire at the time it was $30. I really wasn’t expecting much because I’d spent double that on other tires. This tire was an absolute game changer! Back then everyone was looking for knobby tires. I was too! None were what I was looking for. 
Check this out. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQdRiwmWNcVK8D5lVIIty5g
My son Chase had ridden the Mten3 a couple of times and this was his first ride on the S-18. At the time we were all talking tires. A lot of my buddies purchase the tire. I kind of shot myself in the foot because now you’re lucky to find one at twice the price. 
Anyway as soon as I got my S-22 and road it with the knobby I realized that it wasn’t going to work for me. I purchased the Pirelli and haven’t looked back. IMHO you just can’t ask for more. We have beat the shit out of the S-18 on the trails and yes there are places where a knobby would work better but over all the Pirelli can’t be beat. Especially in the snow and ice. 
Now I’ve ridden a bunch of tires and I didn’t hesitate to put it in my S-22 Pro!

Fun smooth and grippy. 

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Oh by the way yer not an old fart yet. You can’t cop that title. I’m 72 and the only ones I allow to call me that are my kids. 

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