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Going up stairs

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Going up stairs is a pretty cool skill, I've done it a few times now on my Lynx, you don't need a lot of speed just keep it steady and as long as you are confident and keep leaning and applying leverage the Lynx handles it with ease, I've also seen people going up lower-step stairs on a V14, Sherman S and a S22.

Me and @Mike Sacristan found a great place to practice where there were gradually more and more steps in a wide curve which was perfect for getting rid of the psychological fear of stalling (cause by reaction-braking) and gradually progressing doing more and more steps.

With a strong suspension wheel such as the Lynx or similar the key is to not jump, bonk or offload, you just need to straight ride at slow speed, if you start bonking you will risk losing traction, if you go too fast you will have less control and risk losing control as well as increase the risk of damaging your rim.

Now I don't do this often as I fear denting my rim, that is my main concern, I would try going up various stairs more often if it wasn't for this worry always in the back of my head, I don't know the best tire pressure for this, I have 36 PSI but still worry, @Mike Sacristan does it with less PSI in his tire, I know that some people suggest 40-45 PSI but it does not feel practical to run that high for just this one application, so I'm a bit conflicted here, while it's a very cool skill I'm leaning towards sticking to lower steps as to avoid damage to the rim.

But I am curious about everyone else's experience, do we have any stair climbers on here? What PSI are you running? What are your experiences? Is your rim holding up?

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I haven’t tried it yet. I have found a good spot with progressively longer stairs to practice on. One of the local riders here has been doing them on a Lynx. His technique is very much the same as yours. He said my Sherman S should be up to the task. I’ll report back if I manage. 👍

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11 minutes ago, Frolic0415 said:

Easy to do on suspension wheels, not much of a challenge since the wheel does the work for you. Doing it on non-suspension wheels is the difficult part ;)




It's easy if the stairs are not very high such in the video.

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