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An alternate version of baby foam

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I got a lynx last week, and I've been loving the ever-loving shit out of it. I've already put over 250 miles on it since then, which is a TON for me. 

Anyway, the Beidou seat and pads that E-wheels includes are pretty solid, BUT the seat is super slippery. I don't like the look of the regular baby foam everyone uses, so I hunted around and went with this version instead:


Overall, I'm really happy with it! I love the look of it, and the grip when I'm seated is rock solid.

A few things to note:

-This foam is noticeably firmer than the standard baby foam. I like it myself, but you may not.

-I highly recommend hitting it with a hair dryer / heat gun before applying; it can be resistant to reshaping straight out of the box, but happily reshaped when it was heated up. This should also help the adhesive stick better.

-Speaking of adhesion: the strips on my pads came off during my first test run. I'm going to try reapplying with spray on adhesive later this weekend. I think this is more the fault of the Beidou pads than the bumper foam; even the standard baby foam didn't stick very well, and I had to keep pushing it back into place.

I hope this has been helpful for someone!

Here's the link: Seyõssbe Baby Proofing Corners and Edges Guards Protectors Foam 3M Pre-Taped Bumper Furniture Covers Child Safety Protector for Table, Stair, Cabinet, Desk, 6.6ft (Black)


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