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Found 9 results

  1. Whatcha do with your gear? I hang bed slats from ikea on a over-the-door coat hanger. individual pieces of gear are hung by white plastic hooks from ikea. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUVYk9-PwX6/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. I should have my V11 in about 1 week, and it's my first time on a EUC, so I'm going to try my best to protect it while I'm learning. I'm thinking of applying 3M Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection to the side panels. I had this on a car, and it protected it from rock chips really well. I was wonder if someone w/ a V11 could tell me what the measurements are for the panels. I need to now how wide and tall each piece. Basically the body panel in front of the pedal and behind it. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, After a recent brush with some woodland fixtures (crashed into a tree), my sore knee and shoulders are reminding me to pack up a bit better. Even though I go at "low" speeds you would expect to go on forest / MTB trails, the sudden impact of a tree or branch can be surprisingly unpleasant. As far as the upper body goes I'm trying to decide between going full motocross (Leatt 5.5 type) and the full body D3O stuff. (Looking at https://www.xionpg.com) I imagine the hard shell is the absolute best, only the looks and inability to wear something over it hold me back. (Not really looking to put on a cooling inner shell, then the body armor then a top cover) Anyone have experience greeting a branch at high speeds with D3O? 😬
  4. Has anyone ever considered one of these? I saw a newsflash about it around 10 years ago when it was in the conceptual stage. Two women launched the idea targeted at people who are reluctant to wear helmets. I just came to think of it, did a quick search and it turns out it has now reached the market. It would be very interesting to see some experiments with EUC riders. Perhaps a modified design is neccessary but for that the market is probably not big enough (yet). Homepage: http://www.hovding.com/?lang=en
  5. Anyone knows where to find decals / stickers for Nikola Plus? Like this Or like in other wheels Like the vinyl made by @Esper here Anyone ? #help
  6. Hi all, I wanted to share with you the mods I've done to the two electric unicycles I've had for the moment by adding padding to avoid the leg pain we all experienced at the beginning, mainly when learning. Some may have got used to it, however I never did as after a while not being able to keep learning due to the pain, I found the solution, adding good padding (not the one that comes by default, not enough). So on my first electric unicycle, a generic one, I added 2x "bike seat gel protection" (3 Eur each, cutting the part that attaches to the seat), using mounting tape (double sided tape would have been cleaner), here the result: I think it may be the most comfortable I've tried. However, the pedals could not close completely and one got soft after some time and would not stay up. My next padding mod was when I got my IPS Lhotz, again it was painful as it only has a bit of padding on the top of the side and it is not very soft. This time I used the EPE Foam that came on the shipping box of the unicycle, some red plastic from a bag/folder for documents and double sided tape. The result, also comfortable, but not as much as the gel seats. From the video I've on YouTube: Here the state of it after a year, dirty and falling apart: Both the mounting tape and the double sided tape I used were hard to remove, so you better try it a bit before carefully putting it together Now I was looking for a new padding, I found two new options: work knee pads and knee-elbow soft guards/pads. The work knee pads are not flat, so could not really use them and also were not comfortable enough. I decided it was time to try the knee-elbow soft guards/pads as the were comfortable. The result is pretty good and they are comfortable! Let's see once I use them to go to work or for a long MeetUp ride how do they feel. Let us see your padding mods!
  7. Hey All! New to the boards and relatively new to the EUC crowd also (so please go gentle!), but practicing every day, and loving every moment of it - I'm Week 3 into learning to ride with my FastWheel Eva Pro and thought I'd share just a few snaps of the recent makeover I've given my FastWheel. Naturally, in the process of learning, it has picked up more than its fair share of bumps, scrapes and scuffs from Day 1, so I thought I'd give it a little makeover to tidy it up and give it a little character! This was a really inexpensive, lightweight and fun way to add a (small) level of additional protection, but more importantly covers existing scratches, marks and scuffs quickly and easily. I have yet to finish the last few gaps in the lower part, but after its entirely covered, I will give it a clear acrylic spray coat or two to seal the stickers, give a high-shine and help protect from the elements. Just wanted to share my little creation with those that might appreciate it! Hope you like, in the meantime safe riding... #PimpMyEUC
  8. I know there has been a few discussions on protective gear lately. Marty showed of his gear in a video. There is a thread about gear suggestions which I guess is by people that own it and are happy with it, and finally the injury thread touches on some options. I've suggested a new section to hold protective gear discussions and reviews to make it easy to find these things and maybe prompt greater awareness and discussion. In light of this I hope no one minds if I start a new thread to gain opinions on a type of protective gear I'm looking at. I'd like to know from people who have fallen if they think this gear would have protected their impact areas. EUC falls appear to be unlike any other and particularly brutal. I'd also like to know from any medical professionals (@Rehab1) if they think the protection is in the right locations to avoid EUC type injury. I want to find the right blend of protection and practicality. Ideally I'd like to wear most/all gear under other clothes so as to not look intimidating to pedestrians in city riding and because I'll be commuting and don't want to enter the office like RoboCop. While I hope to get a lot of recreational riding in on my new wheel most will be commuting to and from work and A to B travel for things like shopping, chores, etc where I'd like some level of discretion and comfort upon arrival. I've found these undershirts/shorts and knee/elbow protectors by G-Form. They use RPT for protection which is basically their version of D3O. A non newtonian formed gel that goes hard upon impact but is otherwise low profile and flexible. The complete range can be seen is here: http://g-form.com/shop-body I particularly like the Pro X Compression Shirt It has good shoulder and collarbone coverage (well the best I have seen). Sternum protection for face-plant falls and rib protection. Sadly nothing on the spine. I'd wear this under a shirt generally for riding. Also for the hips and legs the Pro G Board and Ski Compression Shorts They have tailbone and butt (sit-bones???) protection for downhill cutouts. Side impact hip protection. I wish the hip protection wrapped a little further forward though. Anyone have any opinions on these? Also they make knee and elbow protection using the same tech. Some options extend above and/or below the joint for additional protection. Would you feel comfortable wearing these in place of hard-shell knee and elbow protection? They are certainly more practical and comfortable for my planned usage but I don't want to compromise too greatly on safety. Hard-shell protection is pretty cheap. If I wanted to trail ride I could have a set of hard protection for those uses. But for commuting and general city use I'm hoping for a compromise, well actually I want the best of both worlds, but that is usually impossible to find. I'm seeing good reviews from the snowboarding, skate, and mountain biking communities. But it is the opinion of this one that matters. Thanks in advance.
  9. I bought some wrist guards finally, because I am a guitar player and I can't keep taking chances with my hands. So I purchased my wrist guards, typical standard ones and as soon as I tried the first trick they forced me on to my elbow instead. With basic stiff wrist guards you can cause a fracture further up the arm as well some finger injuries. I found these, they're $30. I wanted these but they go up so high and most of all they are about $65. Fractures further up the arm are a real hazard with the typical style. So this could be the ticket. Not sure. This is the footage of me falling onto my elbow.
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