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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all! I'm coming up on the ~2,000 mile mark on my MCM5 and I think it's about time to do a serious sweep through of the wheel to make sure everything checks out as it should. I had the idea to do this and create a thread that can be a sort of go to for other members looking to check out their wheels, but it's also to help me understand a few things I'm not sure of. The goal here is to allocate all of the information associated with wheel maintenance so that it saves everyone lots of time when it's their turn to do the same! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and will undergo many formatting changes and additions to the info found here. A lot of what you'll find has been taken from info supplied by other people and keep in mind that everything you read is probably not supplied by an expert, although there's bound to be a bunch of info that is! Tire Replacement/Maintenance The Tire/Tyre Sizing Guide! [Pulled from the Tyre Thread made by @Smoother ] Additional Tire Resources Fixing a "Hop" in your Ride, turning the tire to face the right direction, and verifying the bead is properly seated - Thanks to @ShanesPlanet The Tire Slime Guide! - @Marty Backe THE Tyre Thread with tons of info on tires courtesy of @Smoother The Complete Bike Tire Size Guide also found in the above thread thanks to @Smoother Repairing an MSX without replacing the wheel! Entirely in french but some decent info courtesy of @stephen Snow Chains?! - @tudordewolf Cracks in shell, new shell strip placements? Link I used for MCM5 disassembly Battery Testing! Some basic troubleshooting steps if you think you may have battery issues or just want to check out how your batteries are doing! If using an app to check our your voltage other settings, make sure the app is set to your wheels proper specs. I made this mistake and its a simple check! Using a multi-meter (linked below), check to make sure your charger is outputting the advertised voltage! Copied from a post below (credit to Chriull & Raging Grandpa)... First check the charger no load voltage. Then the fully loaded battery output voltage (to act as a... control of the voltage measurement on the mainboard). If this is ok it ought to be one of the battery packs. Separate the packs and try to charge them individually - in most cases only one is bad. To do this, unplug and charge up one of the packs. Then test. Do the same for the other! Replace the bad one with a new one - and ensure they have as good as the same voltage when reconnecting! If one is experienced enough one can replace the bad cells of the bad one instead of getting a new one. But since one most presumably has no possibility to do proper cell matching this repaired pack will not last as long. But it will be much cheaper... (see the link on testing out different cells below for more info) Description of BMS & Battery relationships "It's slightly more complicated: your BMS ("Battery Management System," a circuitboard contained in the pack) is detecting that some cells are 'full' and is stopping the charging event. When this happens, the indicator light on your charger will go 'green' - but the pack voltage never got near 84V." - RagingGrandpa How to replace a battery pack! "(Pack replacement)..It's quite simple- the pack is a module that can be unplugged from the EUC. Plug in new pack, close up the plastics, done" - RagingGrandpa Testing out difference cells... "If this is all brand-new to you, I don't recommend doing it... save yourself a few skin burns. But to answer your question: we suspect you have some cells at 0V. To confirm it, you would need to measure the voltage of each cell... but in all cases, pack replacement is the answer." - RagingGrandpa A thread that goes into much more depth or testing different cells Supplies needed/Voltage Tester Etekcity MSR-R500 Multi-meter recommend as an entry level and budget friendly option by RagingGrandpa Flukes Digital Multi-meters recommended by a (mechanic?) as a higher end very reliable option - ShanesPlanet This thread goes into the dos and don'ts of using multi-meters! -Chriull Where to sell old battery cells/any other old or damaged parts? "Or better yet, leave it alone and sell the whole damaged pack "for parts" in our classifieds here." - RagingGrandpa Water Proofing Spraying dielectric spray on charging port, USB ports, power button and, if one is so inclined to do so, connectors/electronics inside the wheel - @travsformation Recommended Dielectric Spray - Thanks to @travsformation Supplies [Thinking something similar to the Badger Kit for the OneWheel?] Guide Pedal Replacement? Grip Tape Replacement? What else?
  2. Hey guys, I play music when riding my KS16, but I want to upgrade the speakers to be louder. Has anyone any experience on doing that? Any problems when changing the speakers that I should be aware of? And what speaker did you try out? I want the whole city to know I'm coming their way.
  3. I modded my MCM5 to ride on Chao Yang 14x2.5" wide tire. The stock MCM5 is 14x2.125" wide. I am used to wider tires (mten3, Z10, Nikola). I was not comfortable with the stock MCM5 tire. @RoCan modded his MCM5 for the 2.5" wide tire. This tire mod require cutting away a portion of the front and back shell cover along with the outer edges of the wheel well. I took @RoCan advice and made sure I cut away enough material so there is ample clearance for the wide tire. The clearance I was shooting for was 3" from edge to edge. This means the last two bottom shell screw holes were cut off. I plan to use metal or moldable plastic tabs to hold the cover bottom edges to the shell. The plan was to do rudimentary cut, install tire, and ride test. Then clean the cuts, seal any gaps, and trim out. Currently at the ride testing phase. Initial observations: The 14x2.5" tire is actually 14.5" diameter. The recommended pressure is 35-45 psi. The tire need to be inflated at or above 33 psi. Anything less and the tire rubs against the top inner wheel well. I believe under inflation causes the tire to expand diameter wise. Whereas higher psi the tire widens (flatten). I am testing it at 43psi which is on the hard side. I feel it going over 4" curve. I plan to reduce the tire pressure in 2 psi increment to find the lowest useable pressure. I took the wheel to work. The ride quality even with hard tire pressure is fantastic. The combination of wider tire and the tire itself gives the wheel very good control. The feeling of falling over on tight turns is gone. It handles like an mten3 at low speed. At higher speed (22+ mph) it gets a little squirrelly due to high tire pressure tracking road. I believe this can be resolved by dropping the pressure below 38 psi. I am glad I did this mod. It has turned my MCM5 into a mini Nikola. Chao Yang 14x2.5" tire versus stock 14x2.125" tire.
  4. I've finished the Kuji pads mod follow instruction from Kuji Rolls https://youtu.be/NEFZmKrApLw Modified a bit to avoid blocking V8's leds since his instruction is only for big wheel like V10, MSX, etc... Do not looking for jump with V8, but seeking for more stability when riding. Gonna test it soon and report the effectiveness Latest updates: - Adjust the upper pad for comfort. - Reduce the ankle pads thickness to fit with my leg and need.
  5. Some of the mods I've done. Stickers to cover all the scratches ? A front bumper/stand (3mm aluminium flatbar, bend to shape, double sided tape to hold it on) Larger foot pads/plates/pedals (remove skid pads, remove top plate, 5 screws, screw on 4mm aluminium plate cut to fit and drilled for existing screw holes, add skateboard deck tape). Should make longer trips easier on my feet. Heaps of grip. Folds as original, and I've had no pedal strikes in testing so far. I used the original plates as template for the holes and slot. Used longer screws (10mm). 600km's on the wheel so far, and loving it. What have you done to yours?
  6. I'm trying to prevent the euc from accelerating when it leaves the ground, or even make is accelerate slower. Has anyone messed with this?
  7. Hello! Tomorrow i get my Z10 upgrade, its gonna be my first powered up wheel, and i thought i search for some stickers / decals for it, as i had on my firewheel clone, and i know that there are plenty for ninebot one euc's like the e/p/s2 models. I've seen designs like captain america shield, pokemon pokeball (funny) and more. But, i can't seem to find anything about the Z series. I've searched for Kingsong stickers, nothing, I also searched for InMotion stickers, still nothing! Why there aren't any out there, i know it's a burden to have them removed, but there are some stickers out there, like the ones i have on my mac book air, that can be removed easily and don't leave a trace of glue or any kind of residue. If you have any idea/links/something, please share it with me/us (the community). And, last, can we print out stickers from a design we like on a printer that cuts it sticker in the right places so we can remove it with ease and put it on a wheel!?!! If yes are there there specs/dimensions about wheels anywhere? Lot's of questions, but had'em on my mind for so long!
  8. Hi All, Moving in from the Firmware topic into its own topic for Open Sourced Hardware. Over the next little while I will move all the content from Firmware onto this post. I've been working on Reverse engineering the Gen2 boards as a starting point for development. Should have that done and posted today. We hope to be able to use the same Git to do both Hardware and Firmware advancements. I will post the important links as they come to this page. Lets keep the topic to Hardware. Although I have a Mechatroincs background my firmware skills are limited so we will definitely need some support from our Firmware buffs. Welcome to the topic. Mo
  9. Hey guys, I've seen a lot of posts/videos that the beeps from ecus can't be heard that good at high speeds with a helmet on?! As i'm getting my gotway m super x my idea is to add a more powerful speaker so i can hear the beeps real good. Does anybody have a clue what power the board outputs to the stock speaker?
  10. Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. I've had my generic Chinese EUC for about 9 months now. I've been proficient enough to ride around the city for the last 7 months, but a recent fall, my first real one, sapped my confidence. It's all just a bit. too. hard... sometimes! It got me thinking. Is there a way to use my EUC to bolt on to a scooter frame? I've seen the cheap electric Razers come and go, and then the nicer and larger electric scooters, but I have never quite seen the wheels get to the dimensions that the EUCs enjoy. Of course, there are the skateboard mods with a giant wheel in the middle but they scare the pants off me, and crazy as it sounds, I can ride an electric unicycle but I can't ride a skateboard. What if we could use the EUC as the front wheel of a scooter when we want to be a bit lazy? I picked my EUC up from Gumtree for about $200 nearly a year ago, and find that a scooter with the same battery range would cost over $1000. Has anyone ever seen something like this attempted, have I missed something? Or is this a pipe dream, with no feasible solution? Have I just identified a market solution that is going to be ripped away from me with millions to be made (doubt that!)? I've searched forums, Google, etc. with no luck.
  11. So I had my ninebot mini working as a mule to pull a wheelchair. I have a big dog and I cannot walk fast enough to exercise him. I made an extension bar that connected to the knee pads to try and control it. It sometimes got away from me. SO…. I tried a more serious mod, and I took the wheels of the mini and replaced the wheelchair wheels. I made a foot brace to hold the mini body, and had it so that it pivoted on some pipe that I put in the original wheel mounting blocks on the mini. I extended the wires from the wheels, including the 5 control wires. When I powered up the mini I get 3 flashing lights followed by 9 lights. I inverted it and powered it on, hoping that a reset would fix it….. No good. Even upside down I get 3 flashes followed by 9 flashes. I looked for error codes, and see some listed, but none had a 3 followed by 9. I hope that I did not blow the board. (I did have trouble getting the control cables disconnected and I ended up pulling the cable and the tan sleeve on both sides I can try putting it all back together, but before I do that I wanted to see if anyone can tell me what the error code is. I have soldered the leads and sensors to disconnects on both ends. I suspect that it is a communication error and it does not like the extension of the control leads. (I guess that is I hope it is this, better than a blown board) I did use cat5 twisted pair cable to try and keep noise down….. It could also be that it does not like the loss of the longer power cables. I used 14 gage wire, which as abut as big as I could fit in the body. I did fit disconnects on the power leads so I could make the extension section heaver….. But I first wanted to find out what the error code is. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. What do you guys think? Is it a pro or con? Looks crazy fun tho!
  13. Hey All! One stop shop here!! Just as the title says, let me know what you have & need/want done to improve your EUC experience! Also providing maintinence plans & services! Talk to you soon!
  14. Hi Everyone- Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement batteries for an IPS A130 and an IPS I130? Been looking on the Chinese sites and have not had any luck finding a direct replacement. The connectors on the A130 are not the same as the connectors of the generic batteries I have seen being sold. I was in contact with a representative from IPS, but was told that they no longer manufacture the battery for the A130. I am assuming this is the same for the I130 as it is also an older model wheel. Can anyone suggest a compatible battery that could be modded to work with my wheels? Or is there someone out there that can make custom batteries? This is not an expensive wheel, so I am only looking to spend about $150 max for a battery replacement. Any thoughts and suggestions are really appreciated, -T
  15. I am new to electric unicycling and just purchased a gotway mcm3. After only a few short rides I have noticed decent bruising on the sides of my calf and ankles. What padding/materials have you guys used to prevent bruising on long rides?
  16. Hey, All. Big feet here. Looking to make/get larger pedals for th KS18 you. Does anybody have any links or a how to guide? Searched the form, but not finding exactly what I need. Thanks in advance! Mc
  17. I was making my chair mod 2.0 for the EUC with things bought from Home Depot, and suddenly an idea hit me. There is an very easy way to make my EUC's foot pedals larger. No need for any machining or special modding, with parts I had I did one side in 5 minutes. You can see the finished side in the picture attached. The mod increase my pedal length from 6.75 inches to 10 inches! Almost a 50%increase! What you need to buy from Home Depot: In the lock department, 10 inch mending plate Zinc, each $2.78, you need 4 for 2 pedals. Total $11.12; 3 inch mending plates, also 4 of them, $2.97 each, total 11.88. In my case I have some spare brass door plates so I use them instead. In the hardware-nails department, 1/4 inch 20x 5/8 inch machine screws with nuts. You need 8 of them, could be the Everbilt 5pack ones. SKU is either 530995 or 813431, not sure which one. They are short and tough. 1.18 each bag so total is 2.36 8 pieces of 1/4 zinc lock washers, 15cents each, total $1.2. You can do it without the lock washers, but why save the $1.2? So the whole project will cost you $26.56, and it can potentially fix your burning feet problem. Why not give it a try? The assembly is very simple, just take a look at my photo, and I think you will get it. It's just that easy. P.S. If you want this thing to be removable, just buy some 1/4 inch wing nuts. $1.18 extra only.
  18. Hey guys, I want to mod couple of things, please send me a link to purchase (Ali express Alibaba or eBay) those items Spong for the ankle zone LEDS in the wheel area (like an under light) and flashlight in the front A way to carry it (like a briefcase or something it just so heavy) Bigger platforms (the bigger, the better I have big feets) Bigger Tire and tube or even tubeless tire (will 3" will fit? or 2.5"?) Some questions How can I get the tire out? (for replacement) How long will it last? Paint it?
  19. i found a gotway mcm3 on amazon, the publication says that is a largue pedals and 12 mosfets. is possible upgrade a mcm3 with this mosfet configuration? https://www.amazon.com/Gotway-MCM-performance-unicycle-MOSFETs-pedals/dp/B01MZ1EAGR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485385247&sr=8-1&keywords=gotway
  20. I recently purchased a GotWay MSuper V2 MS (Black) and am looking to wire in some LED Lights! Is there a good tutorial somewhere that will show me how to do that? I cant seem to find any.
  21. Hi, Here's a quick tutorial when I show how to add some griptape to the foot support on the Ninebot One E+. Hope you like it. It's very easy. Enjoy
  22. There's a posting on Craigslist offering an aftermarket service to service pre-owned boards to make them 85% safer from fire through a $50 retro-fit. I wrote to them asking what exactly they're doing for $50 and why it's 85% less likely to catch fire, but received a non-discript reply. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/5356419116.html Here's a snip of what they responded via email: "We have developed a way to reduce the heat that is generated by the battery when in use and when charging. We also check to make sure the battery has falt protection but even with this protection the battery still has the potential to ignite and explode." Anyone know what this is referring to? Are there add-on parts/fuses that can regulate the battery/internal workings?
  23. There's a posting on Craigslist offering an aftermarket service to service pre-owned boards to make them 85% safer from fire through a $50 retro-fit. I wrote to them asking what exactly they're doing for $50 and why it's 85% less likely to catch fire, but received a non-discript reply. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/5356419116.html Here's a snip of what they responded via email: "We have developed a way to reduce the heat that is generated by the battery when in use and when charging. We also check to make sure the battery has falt protection but even with this protection the battery still has the potential to ignite and explode." Anyone know what this is referring to? Are there add-on parts/fuses that can regulate the battery/internal workings?
  24. For adding/mounting items to ue units, a popnut ratchet might become useful, I never new we had access to this tool before, when I saw an ad for it, or was it on YouTube? You canacan add any size aluminum popnut anywhere on the plastic case. I am thinking on getting because I have an aluminum car it would work great with, and my eu... http://www.tooldiscounter.com/ItemDisplay.cfm?lookup=HELPNT110-M-KIT&source=froogle&kw=HELPNT110-M-KIT&gclid=CjwKEAjwqqmsBRDGy_3h_eS80jYSJACS95CveqwV-VSz7z__mS-UWB5yTSuAvhJUVRHfmGkTzaXNoRoCOvfw_wcB
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