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Few questions/help about my Commander Mini


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I received my mini! Ride is smooth and powerful.

But the suspension is really stiff, even with every settings on low (every nut and button counterclockwise to minimum). I found the suspension makes a lot of "rubbing" noise, and I wonder if everything's OK. 

Does the suspension get softer after a while? I'm 150lbs, by the way.

Added to this, I found even the motor itself makes quite a noise, just turned on. I had an MCM, Tesla, V11 and these are quite silent in comparison. What do you think?

Last question: I'd like to protect the rear CNC, these bumpers seems to be just a kind of chair leg or something, any idea what could work? Has someone covered the CNC with tissue or something?

Here is the video/sound: https://youtu.be/KJL562ShkkM?si=JPA0Bg5O7XgvKhTv

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There seems to be a problem with the length of the suspension spring.  There are solutions and here is one guys fix. 


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