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(My text has been improved with ChatGPT...And honestly, I don't know if it's a good choice.:popcorn: )


Belgian innovators have introduced an exceptional speed bike, known as a speed pedelec, which not only excels in design but also boasts impressive components such as the Gate Carbon Belt, ENVIOLO automatic gear shifter, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth capability, and a sizable touch screen, among others. This creation is truly worth exploring!

Available in two 29" models, namely the Specter 1 with mid-motor and the Specter 1 Large Range with dual motor (mid & front), these bikes redefine the cycling experience. The Specter 1 is equipped with a 750Wh battery, providing a continuous torque of 55Nm, extendable up to 110Nm, enabling speeds of up to 28 mph. With a battery range spanning from 55 km to 110 km (37 miles to 68 miles), it offers both power and efficiency. Additionally, it features a manual/automatic electronic shifting system with the Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) hub gear.

For those seeking an extended adventure, the Specter 1 Large Range comes with a dual battery totaling 1200Wh (750W + an additional 450Wh). This configuration delivers an impressive torque of 136 Nm, allowing for a substantial battery range of 70 km to 200 km (43 miles to 124 miles). These cutting-edge bikes exemplify the pinnacle of cycling technology, blending sleek design with advanced components to create an unparalleled riding experience.


Specter_app2.thumb.png.f3b50a66213fce257dc3605f2a602064.png  Specter_app1.thumb.png.24fe001401a1309f86c565b9e992fec8.png






I think it's truly a beautiful speed bike, but the price is quite high ($10,000). It's really for the pleasure of the eyes. If you want to see more photos and information about this marvel, you can check out the rest on my new website.https://www.smartybikes.com/specter-1-1-lr

For now, it is only sold in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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