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Definitely gonna upgrade to a suspension EUC in 2024

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So I'm kinda dead set on an upgrade to a suspension EUC. Right now it is between the Master and EB Commander Pro. I am leaning toward the Commander Pro because of the ease of maintenance and the overall body strength. Anyone have any arguments for the master? Hard to find reviews on the Commander Pro besides the Eevees video which bashes the first batch. Does anyone here have a 4th batch and have they had any issues?

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Personally I would go with the CP. Its a helluva lot of wheel for the money. My riding buddy has one (came from an OG Sherman), bought new off Ali and he's gelled really well with it. Suspension action is good out of the box too, the only problem really is the lower rollers which wore out on his very quickly (and he doesnt off-road) but he sourced some generic replacements cheap from China. Other than the rollers the wheel has been solid so I would take the CP any day over the Master, mainly due to the suspension linkage hassles on the Master and lower Wh. Plus the Master rides higher I think and I prefer geometry as low as possible

If I hadnt of come across my secondhand EX30 for a good price I would have gone for the CP. Dawn and Marty like the CP as well, its a great all round wheel, cheap for what you get and prob doesnt get as much praise as it deserves. The only thing I dont like about it is its a bit bland on styling - more like an old boxy briefcase but of course thats subjective and shouldnt really factor into your choice of wheel when other things are more important.

But it may depend on how much off road you do, the Master may be better on that front assuming you are prepared to dick around with the suspension.

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