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KS 16x - knocking in the right pedal (when braking)


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New rider here, just got a KS 16X. In the past week, I've covered around 300km and overall, I'm quite satisfied with the wheel. However, since yesterday, I've noticed a peculiar knocking sensation in the right pedal during deceleration. The noise is prominent only when braking more forcefully; lighter braking seems fine. I tried reversing the wheel, and the issue shifted to the left side, making me suspect a potential pedal problem. I attempted to reproduce the noise by twisting and applying pressure to the pedal while the wheel was off, but without success. The wheel hasn't been exposed to adverse weather conditions, and aside from a few light tumbles (my girlfriend is also learning to ride), there's no obvious damage. Seeking opinions on this issue – any insights or suggestions?

Thank you!

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There is a little play/blur in the pedals versus hangers. On mine, i sometimes hear/feel a single "clunk" like this when I accelerate or brake hard.  Dismantling and inspecting the pedals and rods did not change anything - and after +5000 km it disappeared by itself.  Maybe my pedals will fall off soon...;)

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