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EUC World - understanding the main screen graphics/icons

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That is safety margin (inverse of PWM), and is arguably the most important data on that whole screen ! It will be at 100% all the time you are stationary (unless on a steep gradient) and will decrease based on speed you go above that. If it is constantly varying between 100 and 70% that is ideal, and you know you are not taxing your wheel unduly...

If it ever gets down to 10% or lower you are in 'cutout corner' and need to slow down. Personally I don't let mine get much lower than 50%, so I always have a huge safety margin. As it is a very important value to be monitoring, but we don't want to be looking at our phones all the time, fortunately EUCW lets us set an alarm for when it drops under a certain percentage (mine set to 30%).

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