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KS16X - Europe

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Kingsong 16X - €1000, shipping included.

2,847 km on it. It's had an EUC bodyguard on it since day 1 (included, worth €150), so the shell is immaculate. The pedals are a bit scratched up, but that's inevitable. The wheel is in great shape and has never suffered a serious fall. When not in use, it's been stored at 40-60% battery, and it's generally been charged at 3A unless in a hurry. Battery charges to 100% without issues and has lost no range since it was bought.

Sold with a selectable 1A-5A fast charger with an 80%-90%-100% charge limit selector. 

Shipping to any EU country (sorry, UK!) included in the price.


1554 Wh battery with a range of...70-100 km? (Depending on your riding speed)
2200 W motor @ 84V with a max. speed of 50 km/h.
Bluetooth speakers, LED lights and 2 USB ports.

Weight: 23.5 Kg

Selling because I bought a Sherman-S. 









*The wheel will be shipped from MyEwheel, who are storing it for me.

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