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Is the Begode EX20s HT a good wheel?


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Well as no one has replied yet I'll give some thoughts. It's not actually a bad wheel, it was a bit of a 'stop gap' wheel as it wasn't marketed for long before it was replaced by the EX30. If you just want a solid, long range, not particularly fast suspension wheel theres a lot to like given the price of them. Just don't forget that the HT is a fairly slow wheel by todays 'big wheel' standards. But if you're a cruiser rather than a high speed guy it's a helluva lot of wheel for the money.

I very nearly bought one, it was only because an EX30 came up at a good price that I went for that instead but had the 30 of fallen through my next choice would have been the 20 for sure, although I would have preferred an HS over an HT.

My only concern with having one now would be spares availability, mainly the main board. If you can get one for a good price it might be worth seeing if you can buy a board from somewhere too and use the saving on the wheel to get a board as well and future proof yourself :)

As always, theres a few good vids on YT about the EX20S.


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