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Trail Preservation and My Misread


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I love riding trails in the Fall. The dirt is softer from the moisture and does not dust up as much. I can wear more/heavier gear and usually the trails are redone right before Winter so it is a glorious time to ride. A few weeks ago I returned to one of my local trails I had not been to in a while. In the Spring I had a 30mph overlean as I was getting to the exit so I have been shying away. When I went back out, on the same wheel that dumped me, I found a very depressing change. 

A little background about the trail. It is a hole in wall trail that is located off of a busy 2 lane country road. It is a horseshoe shaped trail that has active ranches on all sides, mostly fenced, but a few gaps. Not too many people go out there because of the location so I usually only see dirt bikes and jack rabbits. It is short and flat, but fun as hell to blast around. I can also incorporate a quick blast around the trail when I am running errands... hope the Wife never gains an interest and sees this LOL.

The dirt bikers, nice guys. They usually stop and say hello as I let them pass. They also kick up a ton of dirt so you have to wait a minute or two for things to settle once they take off. Well, I guess the ranchers are not too fond of them. This year on the side that the dirt bikes ride they have laid several patches of large gravel. I caught it when it was freshly laid it was horrible on my S22. It has started to dissipate so it is no longer stressful to get through it, but I am sure that they will lay some more down as soon as the dirt bikers are able to pick up speed again..






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On 9/27/2023 at 4:37 PM, gon2fast said:

but I am sure that they will lay some more down as soon as the dirt bikers are able to pick up speed again..

Looks to me like they are trying to keep the erosion down to a minim. The do the same thing to many of the trails in the state parks here to combat erosion and dirt bikes aren't even allowed on those trails. It's good to see they are maintaining them. Looks like a fun place to ride.

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I stand corrected and will have to inform my dirt bike pals that they are not public enemy number one! It is an interesting spot (Laguna de Santa Rosa) . Completely flat and the main trail is U shaped. I was going 30mph near the end of this trail last fall and over leaned my S22. I am going a considerably slower on the S22, but still full tilt on the MSP. 

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