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Inmotion V12 (Belgium)

Koen G

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Verkoop mijn Inmotion V12 wegens te zwaar voor op de trein. Ga terug overschakelen naar V8.

Heb er 250km mee gereden.

Nieuwprijs: 2800€

Geen ongeval-:of gebruiksschade. In perfecte staat.

Autonomie: 160km

Snelheid: tot 70km/h (maar ook in te stellen tot 25km/h via app)

Bij interesse, doe een bod.

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Please post in English here.

Google Translate:


Selling my Inmotion V12 because it is too heavy for the train. Switch back to V8.

I drove it 250 km.

New price: €2800

No accident or use damage. In perfect state.

Autonomy: 160km

Speed: up to 70km/h (but can also be set up to 25km/h via app)

If interested, make an offer.

Feel free to also post this in the Dutch thread (there you don't need to post in English):

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  • meepmeepmayer changed the title to Inmotion V12 (Belgium)

Can you give me your emailaddress? Then I can send you all the information you want to know. 

I also searched to organize logistics. With DHL it costs around 100€ to Belgrade. I didn't know your exact address.

The Inmotion V12 has An autonomy of 160 km en a topspeed of 70 km/h. It weighs +/- 30 kg.

Do you need more information?

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