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I'm sooo pissed ... Now banned off buses!!!

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FUCK, I was and still need to use my Segway mini as a backup to my eus when I can't ride them for what ever reason... weather, flat, injury... After taking the mini on the bus for five years no issues what so ever... The fucking bus company made a fucking rule to ban segways and onewheels ... This completely destroys the last mile use of these vehicles... and I recovering from cup surgery and will not be riding euc for about 6 months!!! FUCK THESE ASSHOLES

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I've run into this at a local warehouse store. I pretty much ignored the door greeter and also the floor supervisor sent to run me down while in the store. I sent a letter to the corporate headquarters and received a positive response. The document I believe assisted me is:


As with service animals, there are restrictions on the demands that a facility can require of an OPDMD:



An entity that determines it can ac-
commodate one or more types of
OPDMDs in its facility is allowed to ask
the person using the device to provide
credible assurance that the device is
used because of a disability. If the
person presents a valid, State-issued
disability parking placard or card or
a State-issued proof of disability, that
must be accepted as credible assur-
ance on its face. If the person does not
have this documentation, but states
verbally that the OPDMD is being used be-
cause of a mobility disability, that also must
be accepted as credible assurance, unless
the person is observed doing something
that contradicts the assurance.

A covered entity cannot ask people
about their disabilities.


The above is extracted from page four of the document. I have in the past visited the local bus station after being refused transit. It was recognized for a different reason that it was acceptable for me to bring the euc aboard. The store problem was related to my Airwheel S8 and has not surfaced for the past five years. Of course, I don't travel 10 mph inside the store (unless it's a completely empty aisle with no intersections from which someone may pop out!)

Consider to visit your local transportation authority and provide a copy of the document.

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