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Extreme Bull Commander w/no lights or screen


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I bought an extreme bull commander from emails about a year ago not exactly sure of the exact date I can’t remember nevertheless, I’ve only had about less than 80 km written on it and out of the blue. I turned it on Monday just the other day and it has no LED screen, it has no headlights but it still rides and all that hooks up to the app but I can’t ride at night and I’m kind of afraid it’s going to do a cut out or something out of the blue. I’ve tried to let it free spin and still nothing . I’ve tried to lay it on its side , then start it up and pick up , still nothing !!! Can anybody help me with this issue. Also, does anybody have any idea if he wheels would be able to help me or make it right she knows how the wheel is still pretty much brand new never taken a fall with it , the only thing that’s happened to it was the handle part of the top broke because of those little screws so I’m ordering a new one. Other than that wheel is pretty much damn brand new. Anybody have any experience with them helping them out with any warranty issues if it’s been past year by just a little bit  Thanks for all your help rock on and keep Rollin. 



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Have a look in the control board compartment. Maybe there's moisture there.

Maybe the 5v power supply is malfunctioning. I was under the impression that the balancing also depended on 5v but maybe they're separated on that model.

Does bluetooth work? I believe the module might be running on 3.3v which isn't the same as the rest.

Does the wheel have a usb outlet you can test?

I'm not familiar with that model, but I've worked on a few older Begode/Gotway's. 

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Bluetooth works as well as the little speakers. It has nothing on the lcd screen , it’s completely black . No side lights and no headlights . Only 3 lights that blink on the rear . No usb port to check either .

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That is common issue. You have to open top cover and play with connectors inside. My Commander got exactly the same problems + cooling fan not working. Back in the days I was able to fix it by playing with connectors but now I think it happened due to heavy rain, not quite sure yet, haven't tried to repair it yet. The wheel is balancing but that is all. Anyway, it is very frustrating and disappointing. No one would expect that wheel for couple of thousands of dollars would break for no apparent reason, with no easy fix or knowledge how to repair it. Shame on you Commander. 

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4 hours ago, Javaonwheels said:

I have the same issues with my CP. Did you get your fixed? 

My seller told me it's a software issue, just keep riding and it will get fixed by itself. 

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