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Veteran patton 15A charging


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Hello i think about buy 10A 126V fastcharger and combine with standard charger 5A 126V for 15A road trip charging.

Normaly i use Standard charger i think using 15A charging maybee 15-20 times in year for full day trips.

My question: Is using 10+5A chargers save and okay for patton battery if i not do this too often?

Patton manual/sheet say max charging 15A this mean:

A= 7,5A and 7,5A on chargin ports?

B= Both ports is capable 10A without problems(heating etc)?

Becasue charge times on 15A and 126V is realy impresive in range 20% to 90/95% on road trips. (https://footprinthero.com/battery-charge-time-calculator

My naive expectation  5A+10A patton charging can be posible and fine with 126V system i need help full understand this please.

Plan B: Buy another orig charger 5A i see only disadvantages weight and only (5A+5A)=10A charging.

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I'd suggest get a 10A charger and use that for road trips and the stock charger for everyday charges. I think that 15A is too much for the cells and the two charge ports are meant for two stock chargers.

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