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Send euc parts to small assembly shops in respective seller countries...


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With some review videos doing tear downs and exposing the various fasteners that are not properly torqued,  and generally showing poor assembly practices,  why not have the euc parts shipped and assembled by small shops in the various countries that sell the respective eucs ?

it may take abit longer for non-asian assembly teams to put an euc together.  but i would think that our level of quality control would be alot higher than some poorly paid asian assembly line worker who (seems like based on what we are seeing in tear down videos) doesnt give a damn...

the only problem i wonder is whether or not the selling price would wind up costing ALOT MORE due to higher labor costs...

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5 minutes ago, alcatraz said:

What about testing the parts? Would you risk a new wheel not powering on?

i would hope that the asian supplier would guarantee their QC on the manufactured parts, whether that are motor, chassis, wheel, rims, control electronics, etc,...  We will then assemble the wheel according to our QC requirements.  what risk is there in the wheel not powering on ?  as in debugging software, if the assembled wheel does not power on,  it would go to support and they would reverse examine the euc...

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I'm not saying it's a terrible idea. Just saying, it will be an uphill battle to compete with already assembled machines.

People don't always choose safety. The safest cars aren't bestsellers.

How about designing a competing product instead and assemble chinese manufactured but designed in the west? A bit harder but a unique product.

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