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Voltage measurement accuracy?


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               I have an Inmotion v12 HS and when it is fully charged it is 100.4 and 100.2 volts is the .2 deviation ok? Or what can I do to get them both up to 100.4? Or am I stressing out over nothing?


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I feel I need to clarify since I got this wheel there has always been a .2 deviation of voltage between the packs. I monitor it while it charges and sometimes the deviation drops to just .1 but when I enter the balancing stage of charging it always just goes up to 100.4 and 100.2

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I think that variation is too small to matter, but you should continue to keep an eye on it to make sure nothings going wrong with the BMS balancing function over time.

One thing you can do as a sanity check is to put some multimeter leads on the end of your charging cable on the + and - terminals/pins with it plugged in and test the voltage to see if your charger is spitting out 100.8V or less than that. Easiest to rule out if it's a charger issue first.

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The difference is more relevant than the absolute value. There are errors in all readings. You won't know how large the error is until you use another measurement device and see how much they differ.

When you look ata difference of 0.2 you've subtracted most of the error and left is a much more accurate reading.

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