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V11 left out in the rain…


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My buddy’s kids left his v11 out in the rain….after he bought almost $300 worth of suspension parts to get it back in good riding shape. 
Wheel powers up and charges but won’t balance. Wheel Pushes / turns hard when powered up.

Four green lights on the board stay on after power down. 
Wont connect to Inmotion app, or EUC world, but will connect to D.B.

Thinking he might be in for a new board, but…$300 more and what if it doesn’t fix it.

maybe we should just tear it down first, see if water got in the motor.


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First thing he did was take the lid off and blow air then let it dry out for a couple of days.

I have not talked to him in a couple of days so I don’t know…will post more as it devolves….er, developes.

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