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Small car charger option, using a Voltage Boost Converter


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I want something that will slow charge (slow for general safety) my EUC while on long road trips between trails. I'm thinking 3-Amps or less.

This Voltage Boost Converter looks very interesting to me https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PV5YY55/


Other people are using them to charge e-vehicles (comments and Q&A).

The device says it can handle 15A.
15A at 12V (car battery) is 180 Watts. That works out to be about 1.8-Amps at 100.8V delivery (my T4). I'd probably want to limit that to maybe 1.5-Amps to keep it safe.

I'm thinking this, connected directly with inline fuse to my car battery, and a properly sized resistor on the output to set the current limit even though it does claim that it's current adjustable as well. Of course, all cable gauges to be sized appropriately.

Any electronics proficient EUC riders out there that can advise here?

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Idk what sort of advice you are looking for, it seems like you have thought it through. The only extra safety feature I would advise is to use fuses on the output to incase it doesn't work as advertised.

And also don't expect it to be 100% efficient. Amazon lists the conversion efficiency to be 85%.

The lost energy is ofc converted into heat, most likely you are looking at such a small amount of energy that you will be just fine as long as you don't cover it in a wool blanket or something. But maybe check it out the first few times you use it.

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Ehm to clarify I would use fuses on the output instead of trying to add an external current limiter. Mostly because it's easy and safe enough imo. But the whole thing is your responsibility and thus its up to you to decide.

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On 7/17/2023 at 8:22 AM, alcatraz said:

cheap 200w inverter and use your regular wall charger.

I'm pretty sure that we can't plug a 500W charger into a 200W inverter without asking for trouble.

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8 hours ago, goodsignal said:

I'm pretty sure that we can't plug a 500W charger into a 200W inverter without asking for trouble.

Depends on how much the charger pulls. It should work with a 2A charger.

There are a variety of inverters for sale. The downside of going too large is that you can't use the cigarette lighter output, and so you need to add some wiring to your car 

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