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Found 24 results

  1. I recently found out that I could not fully charge my V8 using the original factory default 84V 1.5A charger. The charger light always turns green while the battery indicator on V8 is still blinking. Tried few different experiments using Charge Doctor Voltage output with 3 different chargers: Charger A - my oldest charger, about 15 - 16 months usage, indicates 79.8V - 79.9V. Charger B - about 6 months usage, indicates 80.5V - 80.6V. Charger C - about 3 months usage, indicates 81V. I have never really noticed the Voltage while they were brand new though. Are they supposed to be exact 84V showing on Charge Doctor? Could anyone with V8 and Charge Doctor confirm please? What is wrong with these? Which components are failing/aging and need to be replaced? Is it normal for chargers to have output voltage drops overtime like this? I believe I have always taken good care of them.
  2. Few days ago the power button on my V5F+ started misbehaving. At first my light would switch on and off while riding, then I had to hold the button for longer than usual to turn the wheel on/off and finally it wouldn't turn on or off at all. Anyone had this problem? Could it be just a button or the problem is in the control board? At the same time, while trying to diagnose the wheel in my garage, I was stupid enough to leave the charger on the roof of my car and forgot about it. Charger ended up in pieces, falling off the roof of my car while driving Could anyone please suggest where to buy spare charger for V5 in Europe?
  3. Nevin@Tec-toyz.com

    KIngsong KS18L CHARGER

    KingSong KS18L owners in the USA looking for a extra charger can get them here on ebay. I had several people contacting my about buying an extra charger so they could make use of their dual charging ports but I have been too busy and was only able to get to a couple of you. KS18L specific chargers can be purchased on eBay or at http://www.tec-toyz.com http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=323471539614&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  4. Got tired of carrying around the bulky charger to charge on the go on trips. So I had an idea to wire the charger internally, charging with the same 4-pin plug but off a 110v into the charger. Also solving the problem with battery power at the charging port .
  5. 4 pin Radwerkstatt 84v 10amp Charger (200 - 240v) (7 X Speed) for Gotway. In excellent working condition. Please note the charging look needs to be rewired with cables suitable of carrying the 10amp load and above.
  6. Hi Guys, Do you know if there are any portable chargers for EUC batteries with a Turbine or Pedal ? There are already portable chargers for mobile phones. I think it would be a great solution in emergency cases. Here is one example for mobile phones:
  7. Hi, I'm new to this website and I need help with my IPS 191 I remember that I charged my EUC last week and tonight when turned it on, it started to beep constantly. The battery must be full as the green light won't blink. It sounds like the time when you crash and it suddenly starts to beep and flash lights! Has anyone experienced this problem? I own a Llohtz IPS 191 which I purchased last December and It has been lightly used since. (50miles on the mileage) The app connects but shows no battery whatsoever! Unfortunately, the charger light shows green as soon as I plug that in. So, I'm confused...! Is it the charger or I'm going to have to investigate it further? I just don't know where to start. tnx
  8. So I have finally had time to mess around with my charge doctor and wanted to to a baseline charge log from what the V8 considers empty (tiltbact and shutdown) to full charge. I sat up last night waiting for the charge to complete and the currrent to drop to 0 and it seemed to take forever. I ended up going to bed and leaving it. I woke up this morning and the charger was still trickling 0.03A into the wheel. Looking at the Charge Doctor website the inventor mentions that his Firewheel charger did this and it is well known that Li-Ion should have the charge stopped unpon completion. Trickle charges are not good for the cells. I've attached the charging graph below. Is this normal? I wondered if the parasitic draw of the Charge Doctor could be fooling the charger to keep the power flowing but another chart of a Gotway wheel by the invetor shows a clear cut off of power from the charger. Anyone care to enlighten me what is going on here. Is this OK. Is this bad. Background: This is the first time I have logged a charge with the Charge Doctor. I'm going to do it twice with the 1.5A charger and twice with the eWheels fast charger to learn when and how (V or A) to set the Charge Doctor auto-shutoff for each charger (as the curve and constant current/constant voltage transition will move) so I get the charge level and depth of discharge I want. I will post the results when I have them and expect to repeat this in 6 months to gauge battery wear. Additional Info: The light on the charger LED did turn green just before the charge doctor showed 0.05A but it appeared to have no effect on the output.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the EUC world and recently got an X8 to try out. I was reading the instructions and noticed that they say to plug the charger into the X8 first before plugging the charger into the wall. This is the first time I've ever seen this sequence for a battery charger, so I became curious as to what the difference is between Airwheel's steps versus plugging the battery charger into the wall first and then plugging it into the wheel. Anybody know why this might be? Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  10. I'm not having luck with chargers it seems. The one in the box was DOA, and the replacement seems to be overheating. I'd only ever charged it from ~60% at the lowest, but today I got down to 30%. Plugged it in and about an hour later it starts making a really high pitched whine. The app is reporting it as 98% charged now, but the power brick is crazy hot. Measured it with an IR thermometer and it read 70 C. That was after 5 minutes or so unplugged, so it could have easily been 75+ when it started whining. Anyone else experienced a crazy hot power brick? I should probably just get an aftermarket one at this point. I'm not sure what works well and safely. As much as I like the V8, the geoblocking and these chargers issues are bringing me close to saving up for another wheel.
  11. Hi, Yesterday had a crazy idea I'm going around in my head with the possibility to charge my Gotway MSuper V3S 1300Wh 84v quicker as it takes 12h approximately. I saw a video while ago from Speedyfeet with a splitter so we can plug 2 chargers in to one GX-16 4pin port (charge connector of this wheel). After looking to the options I find at almost 150€ the 5A fast charger from speedyfeet an a 70€ 3A charger in Aliexpress, both options are expensive. I just remembered that the charger from my other wheel ( Inmotion V8) also is 84v and 1.5A exactly the same as the gotway MSuper V3S, only difference is the the V8 is 3 Pin while MSuper is 4 Pin and since I found here in this forum yesterday thanks to @esaj what type of connectors are used. I ordered 2 sets (male/female) of 4pin and 3pin so I can do a Y connection to plug the 2 chargers and just one female output GX16-4pin to get then 3A charger and reduce charging time to half (6h) but if needed can still do a full slow charge. Just need to get were + and - for each charger and the MSuper to make everything go smooth without explosions ? and sparks ⚡️ Question to the experts, do you see any inconvenient in doing this? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Just found this forum and joined up. I've been an Airwheel X8 for nearly 2 years now. I recently had an issue with my X8. I plugged it up to the charger, correctly, and the light on the charger stayed green (wouldn't charge). I figured that a wire came loose so I opened it up. There didn't seem to be anything out of place so I ordered a new charger. The new charger seemed to do the trick. I tried to turn it on to test it to see if it fully charged, while still disassembled, and the wheel went crazy and jerked out several wires. I think that I got everything hooked back up correctly except for 2 wires. There is a purple and pink wire that start near the capacitors. They have connectors on the end that I assume plug into a connector that leads to the on/off button. The button has a white and red wire going out of the connecter and into it. I really don't want to screw it up so does anyone have a picture of this connection or know if it goes Pink to red, purple to white or vise versa? Please help, I need to cycle! I'm having issues uploading the pictures but I can email one if you think that it will help
  13. cthulhu

    Charger fail!? Gotway - MCM4

    Hey Community, today i wanted to charge my MCM4. I plugged in the charger and he instantly lit up green not red. strange... I turned power on and off several times and measured the voltage on the plug. There are only 54V ... not the needed 67,2 Is there a solution how this could be fixed or do i need a complete new charger? thanks
  14. Hobby Wheel Gadget Factory is proud to present the "Charge Doctor", specifically designed to survey the monowheels' batteries. It's in fact an off-the-shelf USB charge monitor I have hacked and reprogrammed for our use. Specifications Voltage 40.0V - 80.0V Current 0.00 - 3.00A mAh-meter 0-19999 mAh Energy meter 0-999.9 Wh Serial data output for logging at 9600 bauds TTL levels With 3-pin GX16 connectors compatible with Airwheel & clones, TG, iezWay, Gotway, Firewheel... (not on Ninebot One with a different charge plug) Plug & play Price 15€ + 4€ international shipping = 19€, Paypal payment to User instructions First line: voltage and current. Second line: total charge in mAh or Wh, click pushbutton (PB) to alternate between mAh and Wh. Hold PB for 2 s to reset the total charge. PB also enables calibration of the Charge Doctor (see below). Data logger Charge Doctor sends out data every 10s in ascii line format with ',' separator, at 9600 bauds, TTL level Line format: Time (seconds), voltage (0.1V), current (10mA), Wh (0.1Wh) Example: 590,596,193,183 <=> 590seconds, 59.6V, 1.93A, 18.3Wh Data are sent to a PC, MAC or Linux using TTL serial-USB converter dongle (cost < 2 $) and a terminal emulator for disk storage or graphic display (see below for a setup example). Look up "CP2102 USB converter" or "CH340G USB converter" on eBay (avoid PL2303HX chip based dongles which work fine but rather pricky when installing driver). Calibration Voltage is factory (ie by me) calibrated at +-20mV and current at +-2mA. Recalibrate when necessary only if you have an accurate multimeter. Press & hold the pushbutton (PB) for more than 6 s when the second counter is at the corresponding number : 1: decrease voltage gain (about 0,02V per PB click, so you must click 5x to see the number change) 2: increase voltage gain 3: decrease current gain (about 2mA per click) 4: increase current gain 5: reset current offset = 0 (no load) The variable to be calibrated flashes and the change direction is indicated by the display's up or down arrows. The calibration mode ends after 10s of no PB click. Lastest batch of Charge Doctors. Thank you Ironfox for being the first international buyer and for ordering 4 (four !) of them. Zoom image : http://googledrive.com/host/0BxMfsstZ1EMcfkYzSzFmTVRHZGg5UzUwQjlqbk1wTzJTNjJiMG9wRWRKdVZlMnlEbGVqZkE/chargedr/DSCN1676.jpg Charge Doctor display, charging a 260Wh empty battery. 1) beginning: V=60.2V, I=2.11A, Charge=29.1Wh 2) near end: V=67.1V, I=0.4A, Charge=230.8Wh 3) end of charge: V=67.1V, I=0.0A, Charge=243.4Wh Notice that it's a generic wheel (TG) battery with Chinese cells, so total charge is only only 243.4Wh, the nameplate "260 Wh capacity" cannot be reached. On the Firewheel 260Wh, with Panasonic cells, I can charge up to 285 Wh. Charge Doctor - PC link using a Serial-USB converter dongle, data logging by terminal emulator puTTY. Only two connexions of the dongle are used: 0V and RxD Zoom image : http://googledrive.com/host/0BxMfsstZ1EMcfkYzSzFmTVRHZGg5UzUwQjlqbk1wTzJTNjJiMG9wRWRKdVZlMnlEbGVqZkE/chargedr/DSCN1580.jpg Serial link : blue=0V, orange=Transmit (connect to dongle's RxD) Zoom image : http://googledrive.com/host/0BxMfsstZ1EMcfkYzSzFmTVRHZGg5UzUwQjlqbk1wTzJTNjJiMG9wRWRKdVZlMnlEbGVqZkE/chargedr/DSCN1582.jpg More images on the French forum : http://trottinetteselectriques.heberg-forum.fr/ftopic1000-0.html
  15. Hi All - This is regarding a TG-T3. So I was out tooling around on a low battery, got the tire in some broken sidewalk and had a minor crash due to lack of power (no speed, just jumped off, was right after a stop sign, walking speed or less). I guess my kids had wrecked some time previously harder, and the battery side panel popped and battery (hanging on wires) fell out. It wasn't a fast or hard crash, so I figured no big deal, put the battery in, snapped the panel on, and rode home. I put the charger on, and next day was 'green light' on the charger. However the wheel only showed one red (where it was when I plugged it in). I figured the wheel must be not displaying correctly, rode a couple blocks to the store, and got a full battery fail on the way back. Battery fail on TG-T3 is flashing lights, lots of beeping, slow tiltback, and wheel stops. Not dangerous at all. Anyway, it's obvious that there was no charging done. I put it back on the charger, and the charger light just stays green, it doesn't turn red as it usually does when charging. Nor does the charger whine (it usually does) nor does the fan come on. Simple enough to drop $20 on a new charger, I just want to check in and make sure consensus is that the wheel is ok. I am worried because I did have that little crash and did get the battery hanging out. of course it ran fine, so I suspect the charger quite a lot. I have a multimeter, but the charger isn't going into 'load' mode, so I doubt I'll see any voltage on it. If you know how to make it go into load I can go check the charger. Any help appreciated! Thanks.
  16. bumblebee

    Charging troubles - sad!

    Hi all- I was so delighted with myself today -- we've had terrible weather for a few days, so I haven't gotten to practice. This morning I managed to make some tight circles and figure eights for the first time, and was feeling like I'm really improving. When I got home, the app said I was at about 35%, which seemed right, so I decided to charge it. I have charged it once before, from 40%, with no problems. I went to plug it in and the red light simply wouldn't come on - only green. I wiggled things a bit and it still wouldn't come on. Then, I came to this forum (which I should have done first, instead of wiggling), and saw the kinds of problems people have had with the pins breaking off and so on. So I peered at my connector and the port on the Ninebot and nothing has broken off, but one of the pins looked bent. I used tweezers to try and bend it back but still can't seem to plug it in and get a red light. I guess I need to write to my distributor and try and get some help or perhaps even cough up for a replacement but any further advice? One of the things about my charger that is odd is that I would imagine I am supposed to align the line on the grey connector with the little divot in the charging port ... but if I do that, the pins are completely not aligned with the holes. It's almost like someone put the grey part on askew. Very sad - we are heading into 3 days of gorgeous weather.
  17. Help! My xiaomi ninebot mini wall charger is broken. Where can i find one online and can be shipped internationally?
  18. My generic wheel charger blew off. It happened when I connected it only to the wall socket and before plug in the other end into the EUC. When I opened it, I've noticed that actually the fuse burned, So I found another one same type and carefully changed it. Unfortunately the reason obviously is not in the fuse because the second fuse burned immediately when connected to electricity. So, I ordered from aliexpres another charger, for $20, but also noticed that they sell chargers for just 10 bucks. Most probably my generic EUC came with such a cheap low quality charger. Attached pics in case someone is interested...my electronic skills are not beyond changing burned fuse
  19. Hello, I am thinking of putting charger inside the shell. Is it good or bad idea? Why not?
  20. Ed

    Bad charger?

    Greets all, I just received my first EU, 9B1 C+ ... but I am hesitant to ride it because the unit doesn't take a charge with the charger that came with the unit. The status light is green when I connected it to the outlet but it stays green when I connect it to 9B1. The app says the device is at 49% charge so it should accept charging. Anyone else dealt with this? btw, I'm thinking of buying extra chargers from Aliexpress (most resellers are crooks). Thxs for any feedback. -Ed
  21. Hello! I want to ask for an advice here. It started when I bought an electric wheel. it worked for some time. But some time later I noticed - it can not be charged anymore. Simply it does not sink current from the charger. I have a power meter and I can determine this for sure. I double checked connections- nothing... I measured a voltage at the charger`s output and it was correct (the same as in the specs - 67.2 volts). So I suppose, charger is not broken. I opened housing and removed a battery. I discovered that some batteries were disbalanced in their voltages - showed around zero volts. I removed all 16 batteries, and replaced some of them (dead ones) to new ones (bought from fasttech.com). I charged all batteries one by one using Imax B6 and 1S 4.2V mode (it took soo much time), soldered battery pack, inserted into unicycle wheel. It worked. Untill battery discharged. And it is not charging anymore. Question are: Can induvidual batteries be charged when soldered into PCB, one by one? Using Imax B6. What would you do ? Order MK-16S60V-PHC4 PCB without batteries? Order whole battery pack? Order new charger? I tried to fix this pack but I spent so much time and I did not determine the reason of battery pack`s failure.
  22. vido

    250w super charger

    Hey guys, on the official ninebot site it states you can purchase a 250w super charger which will charge your device 50% faster. I've search every where with no luck. Anyone know where I can purchase one? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi Everyone,Last night I fell off my ewheel at top speed (18 -20km/ph) and it tumbled down the footpath. Now it doesn't work anymore when tilted forward or back, a little rev, then cuts out, then beep then rev then cuts out, beep, and so on... Oddly, when plugged into the charger, the light stays green but flashes red for a microsecond each 1-2 seconds. Also, when the charger is plugged in, the ewheel operates normally, all the beeps a normal, it revs and runs as normal! When you remove the charger again it starts beeping and little mini revs, etc... I don't know how to go about fixing it/ getting it fixed in Australia... Any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated...
  24. bmadonna1401

    Ninebot One E+ Issues

    I just got my Ninebot one E+ the other day and I'm a bit concerned. The app says that my battery is at 53% after leaving it plugged in all night. Also the charger has a green light every time I plug it in to charge. The app claimed today when I was done using my Ninebot that the battery was at 29% so I plugged it in again. My question is what color should the charger be when its charging and should I be worried about my battery or is the app way off on the battery level. I imagine that I will have more of a clue tomorrow now that the app claimed the battery only have 29% of juice when I was done using my ninebot tonight.