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What I dont like about InMotions new 14 inch adventure series.


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I was really excited to find out that InMotion's new adventure series has a 14 inch wheel.

Then I thought if there is gonna be one battery pack standard for all adventure series then how is he going to set the battery size that is going to work for both small and big wheels when u can have maximum 4?

According to InMotion CEO, its going to be 4800wh for 4 so each battery pack is gonna have 1200wh which is way over the airline limit of 160wh.

Ok. So..  InMotion is gonna allow us to rent battery in many countries, but then, I ask, what is the adventage of having such a small 14 inch wheel? 

Small wheels r not only compact but seems to be much more efficient.

With v5f, U can go 20 miles with only 320wh.

What I am saying is 1200wh battery pack is just too much for a 14 inch small wheel. 

My opinion is Inmotion should come up with another standard of 160wh battery pack for  small wheels.

Two battery pack of 160wh (total 320wh ) that can give about 10miles with top speed of 20 miles EUC probably can be made.

In other words, why would anyone get 14 inch wheel when u can get 20inch wheel if the only advantage of getting 14 inch wheel is unnecessary long range? better torque? Nimble? when its more unstable on the road especially on high speed?




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I think he meant 14" rim. Can you point to the minute when they mention it? 14" rim would mean same as 18/19/20 inch tire. But I heard they might come up with a model that can use both 12" or 14" rims. 

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Yeah for 14" 1200Wh seems kind of high. They normally are around 500-800Wh.

If it's 14" rim, not tire.. Then 1200Wh is right on spot. I just hope by having only one 1200Wh pack - it won't limit wheel very much. I can imagine wheel losing top end speed and power.. Versus when having 2 or more packs.

Also having only one pack? Isn't it kind of bad? Dangerous? At least when you have 2 packs, if one of them suddenly "dies" - you still got your second pack. 


Also "these" removable battery pack wheels are far into future. I bet we wont see them for like ~3 years. (Even if they make them.)

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Just before Bob Yan stepped down as Inmotion CEO:

(1) Only the Adventure line and the Challenger line of wheels will get the swappable battery system.

(2) The Adventure line gets two nominal wheel sizes: 16" and 18".

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Lets talk about the 20". I think it's actually an 18"? (Simply marketing gimmick, calling it 20")

Off-road knobby tire, making it 20"


Maybe it will be around 30kg with one pack. <3 (I like wheels that are under 30kg.)


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