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1 minute EUC tutorial


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If you have friends who want a super short euc tutorial, here is a tutorial condensed into just one minute!


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Thank you! For each time we get asked, “is it hard to ride?” Now we can just say no not at all. Check out this 1 minute tutorial on forum.electricunicycle.org 😁

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For most beginners, once both feet on the pedals and the rider is moving, it is simpler to focus on leaning forwards to accelerate, and leaning backwards to decelerate, rather than think about toe and heel pressure. 

When standing on solid ground, people balance by keeping their center of mass near the arch of the foot, between toes and heels (do a web search for postural sway if interested). If centered and vertical, a person presses with the heels to initiate a forwards lean or correct a slight backwards lean (assuming backwards lean is slight and not enough to cause a fall), then presses with the toes to hold or reduce the forwards lean. Likewise, to reduce forwards lean or to lean backwards (will require stepping back or holding onto something to keep from falling backwards), the initial press is with the toes. The same balancing control inputs work on an EUC. To initiate a forwards lean, a person initially presses with heels, which decelerates the EUC from under the rider, leaning the rider forwards, after which the rider presses with the toes to control forwards lean and acceleration. To initiate a backwards lean, a person initially presses with the toes, ... .

When launching with support, a rider can rock back and forth, and once rocked back and leaning forwards, release (don't push) from support to launch. However, the rider will still need to lean backwards in order to brake, and this requires pressure on the toes to accelerate the EUC ahead of the rider's center of mass to lean the rider backwards. There's no need to focus on the initial toe or heel pressure, since it uses the same mechanics as balancing while standing on solid ground, so it is simpler to just tell a beginner to lean forwards | backwards for speed control.

Teaching a dog to ride instantly: with dog on EUC, push the EUC fast enough for it to become self-stable, and release:



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