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Lithium Ion Battery Fires, a conversation with fire control professionals.


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I just stumbled upon this video which was released (afternoon of April 21st 2023). If the mods think it is appropriate they can move the thread to the video forum. For obvious reasons I'm putting it in the general forum for now. The video starts at 5:40, I've set it to start there.

I'm deliberately not embedding it, if a mod decides to move the video, they can choose to embed it as they see fit.




Lithium Ion batteries are an increasing issue facing the fire service. From e-scooters and bikes to Tesla's and other electric vehicles; Li batteries are everywhere. HOW DO WE DEAL WITH THEM?! Join us in this live stream as we talk to Paul Shoemaker about how to tackle the hazards associated with Lithium ion batteries.

Paul has been in the fire service for 15 years. He has extensive training with electric vehicles, lithium ion battery fires, and an excellent understanding of Tesla vehicles. Paul is currently working with UL and NFPA as the subject matter expert on multiple advisory boards for EV fires, Li fires, and stored energy fires.

Topics of the live stream will include: e-bikes, e-scooters, EV fires and how to tactically handle them, all Li fires both in and outside of structures. WE WANT QUESTIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE!

Thank you.

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Let's use our existing Fire Safety topics for further discussion, always healthy. 
Feel free to reply in one of those- you can even copy quotations from here to there if desired.

(Locking this topic to avoid a split; no harm done)


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