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Used V12HT battery inbalance error


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I'm new to EUCs and picked up an inmotion v12ht via an online returns auction site. When I got home and opened up the box it would not turn on. I plugged it in to the charger and it does turn on and it loudly beeps and displays the following text:


Danger! Stop Charging! Battery error, please stop charging and remove your charger immediately, put your wheel at a safe place.Please upload the vehicle log (Vehicle Settings - Diagnose- Upload log ), contact your dealer for service. I Know The Risk

I quickly grabbed these screenshots after unplugging the wheel from the charger because I didn't want to keep going and risk a fire.

I was going to attempt to troubleshoot further but 107.6v is obviously well above 4.2v/cell. I have the wheel back in the box in my car parked well away from anything else flammable at the moment.

I'm wondering if anyone has had anything similar with one pack showing 0v and if 107.6v is just a calibration error or has experienced other similar issues.

I would like to troubleshoot this problem but if the wheel is truly overcharged I don't want to mess with it and will just take it back tomorrow and warn them of the fire risk.




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Oh shoot. That’s really bad. I have no idea how a battery can get to 107V if charged with a 100.8V charger.

 The left pack seem to failed completely, and the other might be permanently damaged from a severe overcharge. You are absolutely correct in stopping the charging immediately, keeping the wheel in a place where a violent fire wouldn’t do much damage, and returning the wheel.

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