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Wrist/Hand protection

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I have been looking around for hand protection solutions that protect both the wrist and the fingers. Currently i find that only the hillbilly and the gyroriderez satisfy these condition. But the thing both seen do not seem to have good fingers protections. So i am wondering what are some other products that offer a 2 in 1 package, protecting both the wrist and the fingers. 

Also, i like to say i do not want to wear for example, a flexmeter over a motorcycle gloves. It is too much imo, and on top of that, you can not really use your touch screen well with finger gloves on. Another question is maybe do you guys know any gloves that offer removeable finger tips like the "summer version of gyroriderez's" gloves?



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Although based in the UK this site gives some great options that you could look into..


I personally use BTR leather gloves with triple8 wrist guards in the (uk) spring/summer and is a good compromise [not as thick and big as motorcycle gloves]. Not too hot to wear and leather is still one of the best material for abrasion resistance.

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For me the perfect solution to this is cycling gloves under those ultra cheap and cheerful skating wrist guards, with the nice palm slides, which is exactly what we want ! Low profile, light weight, works on the phone through the gloves, and lacks the knuckle guards of MC gloves, which we don't need, on the whole.

image.thumb.png.ec9c927d40392975be4f2f98042373f3.png image.thumb.png.dfb7ae2797c2c5030fe1a22403f6a31d.png

In Winter I replace the cycling gloves with standard high quality 'general' leather gloves, which also have the touch response pads on thumb, and fingers 1 / 2.

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