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Smartphone charging madness ;-)

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A new twist on charging.   To my great amazement, I observed that my "rider" phone was apparently only charged to 80% - this happened when I had it charging for 1.5 hours (on turbo charge ) See the picture below - apparently the manufacturer of the mobile phone means, that it is smart to charge to 80% ... and then wait with the last 20% until just before the gizmo needs to be used - if their AI software can learn my habits - which it can't ;-)   And because of this idiocy, I start a ride with a phone that has no power for the whole tour - which brings to mind the thing with only charging the wheel to 80% ;-) I think it's completely *"*¤%" :blink1:


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With a rooted phone you can use BatteryChargeLimit and set it to automatically turn off charging at whatever you want. I set it to ~4.2v.

Those 15% aren't worth the trouble. Use a powerbank instead. You get faster charging because you stay below 4.2v and your pack will not lose significant capacity over the years.

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Its different with phones as there's (in most cases) only one cell. It does preserve longevity To only charge up To 80%. But I do concur its not really worth it since usually the life time of the battery is not much less than that of the Phone - apple products aside. Those go on for longer than androids do Generally speaking

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