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V11 - "please repair" and tilt back


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This probably has to do with the fact that I accidentally charged my wheel to 100%....but today after riding a little under a mile on this 100% charge, the wheel suddenly tilted waaaaaay back, i got off, and it started repeating "please repair", with a red light glowing near the battery indicator. I found some info on this in the forum, one person saying that it's a protective mechanism when on 100% charge and going downhill. However i had already ridden almost a mile at like 30mph before this happened, which should have sufficiently drained the battery, so I'm not sure. anyone else had this issue? i don't wanna faceplant from a cutout

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Regenerative braking can send a lot on charge into the battery if even for a very short period.  This probably tripped the warning.  You are probably good to go just don't do hard braking right after a full charge.

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It's not your fault for charging it 100%. You charge it to full like every other device you have an if it fails it's because it's a poorly designed/manufactured product. 

Any update from Inmotion? Beware of using the app. It might disable your battery and lock you out.

Good luck getting any actionable support from Inmotion. So far it's empty promises for my issues.

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1 hour ago, EF95 said:

EUCWorld app to limit to 90% charge

Be careful with this, you still need to charge to 100% occasionally for cell balancing purposes or the cells can become more unbalanced over time and become damaged.

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