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Burning smell


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I picked up this burnt plastic/cable smell 3 times between my last 2 rides, however this smell lasted for 1 second each time.  All times have  been while I was close to my home, so both times I rushed home and looked for the source of the smell, but was not able to pick it up from the machine.

The only smell coming out of EUC was the strong tire scent when I got up close. I did see some loose plastic wrap from the inside of EUC and I really want to believe it that it was this plastic that got burn due the tire friction.

I will keep alert on my next rides and stop right away to try to find the source if it keeps recurring. This EUC is a T4 and has either 74 miles or km (not sure on the unit of measure), so it is practically still new. I want to ask to stay ahead of a possible real issue. Other than this random smell, the EUC operation is behaving normally.

Is there anything I should look for? If it was the motherboard would there be a lot more smell/smoke? Should I open the EUC and look for burnt areas in the motherboard?

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17 minutes ago, art1 said:

burnt plastic/cable

Is coild be the motor wires - they have the highest current burden.

Best to open the wheel and do some thorough visual inspection - if one can smell burnt plastic one should see deformation and discoloration.

Don't forget to check the battery packs from all sides.

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