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So I finally experienced that Kingsong tiltback

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So I rode to work today with a 30% charge for work and had like 23% when I got there and thought I would be good but my dumbass forgot I live at the top of a 1/4 mile 20% grade hill I almost made it to my house when the pedals started tilting back like crazy and the EUC was all, "Please get off." I had to walk back home in shame...🤣😂😅

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What model? I’ve hit tiltback on all my wheels so far. Each brand has a different feel to it. Begode so far was the worst. Inmotion and kingsong are fairly similar. 

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My 18L is similar. It has a hard slow down.

I am noticing the Inmotion is not as bad. I hardly feel it. Maybe due to changing some pedal adjustment in the app for Inmotion, but also the slow down is not as pronounced on my V10F.


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