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gotway msx 100v controller replacement


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Right, the connector colors are the same as the diagram above; positions are slightly different, but that's ok.

For the single MSX headlight, notice how your new board has a jumper already installed in one of the yellow connectors. So, just use the one available yellow connector for the headlight.

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14 hours ago, terry53 said:

can you use newer main board?

You need a 100V MSX or MSP:HS controller.
There will be a DC supply board screwed to the same heatsink in these newer versions of the controller- it's OK. 

Beware some small changes since the early MSX: the original fan was 5V; now all fans are 12V. 
Gotway usually writes the fan voltage on the fan hub in big red paint: "5" or "12". The fan label sticker should also confirm it, in fine print. 
If you have an old 5V fan, your options are:
- connect it to one of the always-on 5V USB connectors on the new controller,
- OR replace it with a 12V fan. 


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