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Ninebot mecha kit ble protocol?

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I want to attach my Ninebot mini to my camper. Its structure is actually like a mecha kit. Has anyone studied the ble protocol between mecha kit and Ninebot mini?


I used the method introduced in the forum, and used my mobile phone to capture the Bluetooth packet and analyzed the ble protocol. Now I can use a Bluetooth debugging app to remotely control the Ninebot mini. But it is not suitable in a self-balancing state. I need mecha mode, just let the Ninebot mini adjust the speed of the two wheels, and no longer try to maintain balance.


I read the introduction of the mecha kit, and it can be remotely controlled through the mobile app. But after I set the Ninebot mini to mecha mode, I still can't enter the remote control interface in the app. I guess the app needs to be connected to the mecha kit via Bluetooth, and the mecha kit interprets the ble packets as the movement of the two-hand joystick, which is actually an driving command sent by the mecha kit to the Ninebot mini. So using a mobile phone to capture packets via Bluetooth doesn't solve my problem.


I hope that experienced friends can give some help, about the ble protocol between mecha kit and Ninebot mini, thanks!

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On 3/21/2023 at 11:09 AM, koranayle said:

I want


Below you can find all data about mecha kit bluetooth (exposure infos, test report, user manual, in details)


page 2/3 mecha kit bluetooth chip picture


It will be very difficult to use a clone of the mecha kit, except if it is equipped with the same bluetooth module (I think you can buy an original one on aliexpress 1688 taobao).
Unfortunately the clone should be equipped with all the original sensors, it is better to buy the original, it is not expensive, it is no longer for sale in China? https://item.jd.com/100009807567.html

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