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S22 and EUC World - connection issues

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Not sure if this should go here or the KS subforum, but since it is app related...

I have a problem with my S22, in it not wanting to connect to EUC world on the first try. I usually first start EUC world, then start up the wheel, and so far, each time it just didn't connect. When I turn off the automatic connection attempt and do a manual search, it locates the S22 right away, but selecting it and trying to connect does nothing. In order to connect, I have to power the wheel off and then back on, after that, it connects fine. I have tried turning on the wheel first, then EUC world, but it seems to have no effect. 

It's not really that big of an issue, but it is annoying and I would like to fix it if possible. I never had any issues like this with the 18XL.

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What I have found out in the meantime is this: if I turn on the S22, wait a couple of minutes and then turn on EUC World, it connects 99% of the time. So I've adjusted my routine to turn on the wheel, trolley it out onto the sidewalk and then turn on EUC world. Might work on you also...

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